30+ Exquisite work of Art Mother Earth! Digital and Traditional Paintings


We all use to believe in the power of the nature, water spirits, air things etc Now I don’t. But I still believe that we should respect nature and try to avoid things which can harm nature because we are a part of the nature and our existance is attached with it. If there is no nature then there are no human’s and examples of barren and deserted planets are infront of us – where there is no sign of “Life”. To make our argument stronger to save nature today we have showcased “30+ Exquisite work of Art Mother Earth! Digital and Traditional Paintings” Hope you will like them.

Goddess of the Earth has three phases? Maiden, Mother, and Crone. I thought it was incredibly fitting that you drew her to look like a Mother, and the colors and ripeness of this picture look like Fall. So way to use appropriate myth. Artist with artworks showcased in this article use colors of like to make them perfect concept of “Mother Nature”. Her face is kind and beneveolent, and the colors you used enhance this feeling. The colors are warm and a little muted, giving the whole piece a very gentle feel.

I love how they made her look as a part of the composition, standing her out as main part of the concept. She looks like she belongs to the Earth, and it belongs to her. Like she is one with it, and it is one with her. Overall, these artworks gives us a feeling of peace and harmony. It is an exquisite work of art, with just a hint of the abstract that one should expect to find in the mythological world, yet real enough we can smile and hope that if we are watched over, it is by this gentle Mother Goddess.

“Mother, Goddess, Creator. She has as many names as there are languages but in the South she was known as the Earth Mother. Appearing as a beautiful young woman with golden hair, she was the symbol of fertility and spring, of love and healing. Her followers strived for peace and worshipped nature and the seasons. The embodyment of light and purity the Earth Mother despared at the violence and cruelty of man. She watched Kingdoms wage war against each other until she could bare the bloodshed no longer. Choosing her most faithful Priestess she created a child, a man who would one day bring peace to the world.”

Hellenic Mythology – Gaia, The Earth Mother by EmanuellaKozas

GAIA – From Ancient Hellenic Γαῖα, a poetical form of Gē Γῆ, “land” or “earth”; also Gaea, or Ge was the goddess or personification of Earth in ancient Hellenic religion, one of the primordial deities. Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Hellenic Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe; the heavenly gods, the Titans and the Giants were born from her union with Uranus (the sky), while the sea-gods were born from her union with Pontus (the sea).

Hesiod’s Theogony tells how, after Chaos, “wide-bosomed” Gaia (Earth) arose to be the everlasting seat of the immortals who possess Olympus above and the depths of Tartarus below. Gaia brought forth her equal Uranus (or Ouranos in Ancient Hellenic) (Heaven, Sky) to “cover her on every side” and to be the abode of the gods. Gaia also bore the hills (ourea), and Pontus (Sea), “without sweet union of love.” Afterwards with Uranus, she gave birth to the Titans, as Hesiod tells it:

“She lay with Heaven and bore deep-swirling Oceanus, Coeus and Crius and Hyperion and Iapetus, Theia and Rhea, Themis and Mnemosyne and gold-crowned Phoebe and lovely Tethys. After them was born Cronos the wily, youngest and most terrible of her children, and he hated his lusty sire.”


Mother Earth by Dianae

Laetitia Casta – I Love her, she is no doubt one of the gorgeous model ever born, painted herself as “Mother Earth” is taking concept to next level. This drawing represents Nature…. not much to say about it  I just wanted to do a detailed work with pencil. Has that wise and knowing look in her eyes. Not overtly sexy, but very sensual, like a true Earth goddess.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth by Kanza

Here’s is another mother nature/earth Artwork, whose is pregnant woman, she’s also the background and the trees are a part of her body (mother) Earth grants us life and feeds us. In a way, earth can be called “Mother Nature” having the white fruit are egg fruits, that her wings are made of leaves, that her hair forms plants, that she hasn’t “real” human legs but the roots which are in the soil joining us all together.

“The challenge is to design a character based on one of the four elements: fire, water, air and earth.”

Mother Earth_Kanza

Earth Mother by nathie

This is a kind of bubbly and cheerful artwork version of mother nature, spreading LOVE, everywhere

Earth Mother-nathie

I,mother earth by moonxels

This is an amazing piece of work and I loved discovering it in my watchers lists this evening. Explaining things like a Hollywood Movie storyMankind vanished from the Earth and went to another planet centuries ago , leaving behind ruins and ashes, an extremely polluted atmosphere, virtually a dead planet with no sign of life. They left, leaving behind the huge statue of Gaia, Mother Earth, in a gigantic dome containing the last relics of nature (seeds, etc. Centuries later, against all odds, nature has reclaimed it’s rights and these innocent animals have unwittingly found the source of this miraculous revival of Nature and Life.


I love the plants, rocks, water and animals, all are really very well rendered. The reflections, the style, the accuracy are all a testament to the artists skills. I do feel though a slightly more likely shade of green would have contrasted and added to the idea that these plants are revitalised. But it’s up to the lighting that you can foresee falling on the ground from the holes. It’s great, the steam coming off the water fall, the heady air that you can almost touch. I can’t wait to dive into the artist’s gallery and have a look at more of their work.

Mother Earth by Fredy3D

This is so cool Mother Earth Concept Artwork and I love the overall every details of it. Would you mind if I did a graphite rendering of this? I woulnd’t take any credit for it or anything or use for myself in any kind of way but I wouldn’t feel right doing it without the original artist’s permission.


mother of earth by vic-mon

A sexy Art Version of “Mother Earth”. Mother of earth in Buddhism’s Belief is goddess of plentiful. Normally She havn’t body but in legend of buddhism told that ‘When Buddha nearly enlightenment many of demons want to obstruct enlightenment ,Mother of earth appeared that time in woman body and sqeeze her hair then much of water came out from her hair and became a river took  demons out from that place’ much of water mean of Buddha’s good


Earth Mother by armawolf

Very complex and complete Artwork of Earth Mother, giving her magical powers to Earth.


Mother Earth by Everild-Wolfden

Awesome Roman Version of Mother Earth Gaia. Man has only been on planet earth for a mere blink of her eye, and in another, we will be gone. When we are, she will reclaim what is hers – out of death, life grows again. Cold brick and stone will give way to lush green forests. She was worshipped by many ancient germanic tribes at the southern end of the baltic sea – and nowadays by pagans like me.


The Daughter of Mother Earth by JenniferEasley

One of my favorite, Like Avatar Movie, quite happy with this one That’s Selva, the daughter of Mother Earth. She’s in her human form with her 2 wolf guardians and has just stumbled across some humans in the forest for the first time.


Mother Earth by layanna

Just one word “Gorgeous” – Lovely details and I adore the eyes and the way it is painted is out of this world.

Mother Earth layanna

Mother Earth by MuseOfRayven

The woman, and the shadow of a mother, it represents the idea that every woman is a symbol of Mother Earth, for she gives life, she nurtures and sets free. The sphere, is pure life energy, with which each of us is in a permanent connection, flowing through us, and the pheonix, represents the origin, the passion, fire, all consuming, not ending but creating a new beginning. Overall, it’s the circle of life, our lfe, here on Earth. Also, a tribute to nature.


Mother Earth by Peppermint-Pinwheel

I remember hearing/reading somewhere that red string symbolizes the connection that soul mates have to one another. Here in this artwork this is explained and showcased that we are all connected.

Mother Earth-Peppermint

In Perfect Harmony (Mother Earth) by Melodieous

Perfect composition of Mother Earth Artwork in a perfect harmony. The “output” view showed it perfectly, The dress is a prime example like a bride walking in the woods.


Mother Earth by TirraMisu

This piece of artwork is really awesome with perfect use of textures to point out how nature-oriented this all was and came up with the title Mother Nature. Really love Mehndi (Henna) and Slavic designs (partly due to my heritage) with the lovely use of texture of drawings keeping the original graphite-drawn lines intact WelDone Artist. Lovely Color-schemes very earthy and mellow with innocent looks! It’s absolutely lovely!with traditional painting look.


Mother of Earth by SophieDragon

The Mother of Earth controls the forests, the jungles and the fields of Man’s Labor. She is gentle and beautiful but aloof and quiet. Her and Water work hand in hand. I dont think it would fit too well with something like a water or windy theme.


mother earth by ladyface

A VERY unique interpretation of earth with stunning hairs, at least, for me. I was thinking woodland creatures for earth but this is like….


Mother Earth by DeadLulu

Truly wonderfull “Mother Earth” Artwork playing with things Like Earth and butterflies. The stunning and vivid colors bring to life the wondrous mother to our earth. This thoughtful and invoking piece brings a calm and peace to my heart. A need to nurture the world she cares for brings me to a new enlightenment. Truly this is an awe-inspiring piece.


Earth Mother by NicoleHansche

“We are all thankful to our Mother the Earth, for she gives us all that we need for life. She supports our feet as we walk about upon her. It gives us joy that she continues to care for us as she has form the beginning of time. To our mother.


Mother Earth by shiny-shadows-Art


Mother Earth by daniellesylvan

Lovely Haired Mother Earth, I like especially that you incorporated it into the elements that are up there. Very nicely done. I think that the only critique I could offer on this piece is that some of the shading looks a bit odd to me.


Mother Earth by CORinAZONe

Really a Mythological Mother Earth with too much use of BLUE color. I would like to say that this picture is AMAZING! This is one of my favorites involving the concept of “Mother” Earth. Beautiful!


Mother earth by evilstrawberrycookie

The inspiration and idea are great, how you show us your idea about the past earth and now. The look on the female looks great, how she is covered with the plants from the mother nature, it’s just fascinating!


Goddess of Earth by Ry-Spirit

This is awesome “The Goddess of Earth”. I wanted to give her a kinda mother nature look. She will be the last elemental Goddess artwork I am doing. I hope you guys enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed drawing them. But its time to move on to next month’s theme. The Goddess of Earth is just crafted beautifully, Its so unique and great. This is my favorite Goddess in your creation, beautiful.


Mother Earth by mi-eterna-primavera


Mother Nature by kelogsloops

“Mother Nature” Spring Concept based on the theme of “Nature”, The challenge is looking at organic materials and the creative use of them. This contest is focused more on an illustrated standpoint, so think of the concept as a composition as well. Now is your chance to capture the essence that is Mother Nature. I thought of Mother Nature as a rather ordinary-looking human, but she carries around this seed (Yggdrassil) that blossoms out ‘life’. She’s an entity that creates life, is calming, but does not control or end lives, rather, she observes and follows the life she creates through these magical ‘threads’ that are woven into everything.


Mother Earth by Discarbia

“Or Mother Earth has been fate full to her one child for all this time, but she’s not stupid, she can see that even after all her tears and struggles we won’t stop destroying our own home, or own planet. She has waited for us to open our eyes and see what’s going on. She gave us all kinds of signs, but still we didn’t listen. So what else could see do when to give up on her beloved baby and start on new?”


Mother Earth by Mizth

Mother Earth_Mizth

mother earth by Leviatha87

mother earth-Leviatha87

Earth Goddess by thereseldavis

We haven’t exactly been kind to our Life-giving Mother. If don’t take care of her now, she won’t be able to care for us in the future. It isn’t the planet we are killing but ourselves. Nature will correct herself after we are gone and she will go on.


Crying mother by wolf118

Surreal visualisation of the concept “Crying Mother”. I love the way the babies have no eyes, are blind to what they do and how they tear out of the womb of the earth.



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