30+ Exquisitely beautiful Traditional Art Paintings


First of all,I really fall in love with the following showcased 30+ Exquisitely beautiful Traditional Art Paintings and my motive is very simple to show my all readers how cool these paintings are? These are so well painted you can look at for a while and appreciate the details or keep looking forever. I found them so Interesting and beautiful like you are seeing a live person in front of you instead of just a painting, like touching the lips, hairs or covering her face, considering how object should look. Great technique, creativity, composition, colors and facial features are used in each and every painting featured in this article.

Good examples for beginners to see how all these artists have used Shading and lighting to make certain features of face body to look prominent and standout in traditional art paintings. Keeping in mind for traditional art medium keep a vision of taking photo into your mind of object then imagine you can have your own vision into canvas to show others, Face, freckles, hairs, body. colors, shading, lighting etc are sublime to make it more realistic and the most important thing is to adopt right technique: Your method of using different tools – pencil, pen, etc., – I think rest will work perfectly!

The end of Winter by ericadalmaso

Very impressive technique, Lovely composition and well choice of colors makes this piece really impressive with unique style adopted by artist.

The end of Winter beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Frida by linnFeyling

Talent and skills are the qualities which takes artist miles and standout from crowd that’s what you will notice in linnfetling after viewing his rest of paintings. Beautiful face composition and blond hairs makes this really perfect.

Frida beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Smell of flowers by ericadalmaso

Another interesting and beautiful work by ericadalmaso, love his all painting, but this is really beautiful, like she is carrying bunch of flowers around herself and spreading scent of her soul everywhere brilliantly drawn eyes and lips nice stippling effect with the paint spatters. I must say very expressive, creative work indeed. I love the colour scheme and stocks of water colour dots around her adding a nice effect with the contrast of the violet with the amber hues.

Smell of flowers beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

For a minute there I lost myself by Marie-Esther

Making Surreal painting is not an easy job but here Marie-Esther has done a great job, the minute i saw this i fell in love. Keeping in mind personal kind of portraits, dealing this time with the sensation of losing ourselves at times.As per Artist Inspired by a conversation I had with a person at my small exhibition, about traditionally painting dynamism and several instants all at once versus usual traditional portraits’ strati-city.

I think this is perfect surreal painting with so many complex meanings, The colors work together to draw the eye across the entire image, but my favorite part is that it’s hard to tell where the one hand ends and the other begins.

beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

In my Mind -on sale by PixieCold

Wow the color and detail on this are just splendid like a glamour girl, love how artist has drawn the face then colored with beautiful and vibrant colors.
Seriously a master piece

beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Modesty Blaise by bohomaz13

Incredibly stunning like a pop start dancing on tunes! Lovely hair with the Great use of color.

Modesty Blaise beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Elf by yelou

The contrasts are beautiful and the sharp lines. Beautiful painting! She does look like a little elf. This is so unbelievably beautiful, I love the intensity of the eyes.

Elf beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Omnias ianuas praecludo by WeirdSam

Artist says about this sketch as quicky then imagine how good others will be, The features are just perfectly drawn- shading is perfect and hairs are lovely, which emphasizes the fact you are genius and talented. It is not good If I don’t mention beautiful eyes, lips and perfect nose they look fantastic and stand out in the presence of dramatic white color and strange light contracts, overall a a stunning composition.

beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

aquamarine freak by Agnes-cecile

Can you believe that this is just a “pen sketch” painting / drawing, Amazing isnay… wonderful facial features, really very expressive painting with perfect lips with a shade of teeth, very realistic and gorgeous with nice use of color shadings and yet it looks so great and works so well for this painting.

beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

You’ve been holding on too long by Marie-Esther

Life upside down or entire existence shattered is very common kind of feeling which is brilliantly painted in this artwork. Lovely use of roots type pattern coming out of her hair and background like a circulatory system, or perhaps the nerves of her brain, exposing herself is very exceptionally drawn in a simple way. Life is not a bed of roses, like I’m seeing inside to the inner hope, possibly, or dark side of life within the expression and the posture she puts off….even upside down!

beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

putridity by Artilin

Such a beautiful smile, love all the colors in the hair, it looks so natural and real. Flower head-band is standing out in this painting, great composition!

putridity beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Tibetan child by Aixuan

This is extremely incredible painting, Love how artist has portrayed innocence and loneliness in it with beautiful use of color and texture! Incredible detail makes her look real girl standing in front of you.

Tibetan child beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Violet by lloyd-art

Absolutely wonderful, very expressive and a lot of emotions in this painting. Brilliantly drawn face specially freckles and skin are flawless and fantastic!

Violetby beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

You Are Making Me Cry Again by LinnFeyling

Beauty in pain, this is really so beautiful! and justifying the title like we are really making her cry. Amazing expressions and emotions artist: LinnFeyling put in this painting, absolutely beautiful and lovely use of colours and the highlight “the tears in checks” so realistic! Everything just fits together so perfectly. One of my favorite art in this post and I can’t stop praising Artist as this is very special by a very talented artist.

beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Bare Your Soul by weroni

Love the concept, Stunningly composed like you are opening your heart to expose or bare your soul. Skillfully colors are used specially highlights in white making this piece really outstanding, great technique is used to create this masterpiece on the hair, and your shading on the face is simply outstanding!and not to forgot sparkling rainbow colors on her body are giving kind of ethereal soul effect.

beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

can you see me? by ericadalmaso

Amazing work, it looks perfect and disheveled at the same time I love how intense her eyes are, & I love the colors you chose This is incredible. I love the shades of blue mixed in with the purple. You have some talent.

beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Summer Breeze by Si3art

This is mind blowing paiting, don’t know from where shall I start, love the way you made the freckles and the backside of the neck contrasting with dark green, looks almost real. Vibrant use of colors and lovely composition

Summer Breeze beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Ladyincred by MariaLozanoArt

Water colors can be that beautiful and vibrant unbelievable, stunning washed technique used to make this and it is the highlight of this painting portrait. Absolutely nice artwork composition, lovely lips and hair! start loving it!

Ladyinred beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Fish by Cerebralcoitus

This is an amazing mixed media water color portrait!! very inspirational – for beginners with perfect lips and eyes and perfect use of colors

Fish beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Dreaming of a new world by ericadalmaso

Very beautiful watercolor Painting, working of color is wonderful, Definitely one of the best work of Ericadalmaso. Love this piece of artwork! It is absolutely stunning the feeling of the moment comes across nicely. The . Really, well done!!!

Dreaming of a new world beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Beauty is a Million Colors by Weroni

This is quite pretty and extraordinary artwork, I like how artist captured her detail and emotion, nice work. Well I believe everybody is beautiful, only you need an eye to find beautiful and on other hand no one is flawless… Make an effort and try finding something good in people for once It’s so easy to get devoured by all the ugliness of this world.

Beauty is a Million Colors beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Broken by weroni

Lovely use of colors and geometry which makes this painting really standout use of the paper as the highlight of the face – negative space is balanced well and it is a fantastic painting.

Broken beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Between Hope and despair by greno89

Amazing facial expressions with such vibrant textures and design makes this painting inspiring and expressive kind of peaceful. The concept and abstraction in this painting makes it extremely appealing to viewers. It’s surreal almost, yet extremely lovely and the most beautiful details.

Between Hope and Despair beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Poetry by SamanthaJordaan

Awesome piece of artwork! lovely details and texture in painting specially model and a beautiful chest and highlight of it is lovely strokes of the brush. The concept in rough, then gather reference, then paint in layers, great use of a big brush in layers and between coats in a circular motion with very rough sand paper.

poetry beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Freckly by TanyaShatseva

Beautiful painting! I like her facial expression and Lovely hairs. Love the half face composition, the highlights and the detail in the eye are best part of this painting. Spellbinding, creative, beautiful and relaxing to the eyes and soul of the viewer.

freckly beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

In Love with Nature by ericadalmaso

I absolutely adore this painting! love the variance in the shade and tone, face is clear enough it could be a digital photo, but difficult to imagine that it is a painting – simply exquisitely beautiful. Lovely colors “run” into each other instead of having them form distinct strands of hair with stunning use of butterflies with the stunning shades on her eyes and not to forgot radiant eyes with the shade of blue, that nose, those cheekbones, and those ridiculously large lips.

In love with nature beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

I wish she could be with me as I am as viewer getting a spiritually freeing about a rainbow, and when I think of how I want to appear to others, it is a living rainbow, ever changing and full of surprises.

Sweet sweet girl by ericadalmaso

Justifying the title very well drawn artwork, lovely eyes with smooth shapes and hard lines and not to forgot freckles.

beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

March By escume

Beautiful enchanting colors with a lot of precision makes this very interesting piece of artwork / painting, which is wispy and dreamlike. Used chalky brushes and traditional textures to get that effect. The expression in her eyes is very noble, but determined and Love the way the color yellow used with the blue.

march beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Lass Suicide by Hawardo

One first word “Gorgeous”. She is really out of this world, which makes this painting breathtaking. Hats-off to Artist everything in this painting is more than perfect- especially the amazing skill that went into creating a post-impressionist look to it, colors and shapes placed just right.

beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Undergrowth by defectivebarbie

The contrast is pretty good in this traditional art painting, love the creativity and bushes used by artist on this painting. This is stunning painitng the colour is amazing and her eyes are full of life, beauty and emotion.

undergrowth beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

Life is but a dream by Pearl82980

What a title, Absolutely aw-inspiring and stunning piece of artwork justifying it, with a stunning hairs, eyes full of life, beauty and emotions with the negative space used in features, particularly her nose which makes it really interesting to view and follow artist to follow more of his work progress.

Life is but a dream beautiful Traditional Art Paintings

The Long Wait by beyondimpression

And the last of our selection, a really stunning painting used white color like dust on face and body which is the highlight and taking at the attention.

the long wait beautiful Traditional Art Paintings


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