35 Seamless & HD Grass Textures for Designers

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With our day-to-day activity, one of the usual things we see is grass. Textures are one of the best ways to enhance your designs. You can use high quality textures in all kinds of ways as a piece of graphic art or as a background of a web page etc. Grass textures are useful for creating background for your design, logos, themes, etc. One good example on the use of grass texture is when you need to create a 3D animation with a football field or 3D of an architectural landscape for a residential or commercial development. Grass textures may also be used to fill objects that you want to render as such as 3D texts or even logos. One can also use grass textures as background of a website with an environment or green theme.

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There are thousands other uses for grass textures. Grass texture composed of high-resolution textures or pictures of grass that you can use for free in your designs, both personal and commercial. Grass Textures usually took using a professional digital camera in RAW format. These are processed in Photoshop Light room and saved in an uncompressed JPEG format. The green grass texture has size of around 3872 by 2592 pixels. The size is big enough even for designs that you intend to print later on. There is a huge collection of HD Grass Textures for designers.

Grass Textures are one of the best ways to enhance your designs. You can use high quality textures, themes, logos and backgrounds in all kinds of ways.

  • Grass textures can be used by graphic designers to design different products like themes, logos and other useful product.
  • Grass textures can be used in many ways by designers.
  • Grass texture designs are perfect for nature inspired web designs or graphic arts like photo manipulations.

HD Grass Textures for Designers

Having more resources may mean a faster job completion and a more creative design. There are many numbers of HD Grass texture Designs that can easily use for designing logos, theme, etc. Here, a list of seamless grass textures are presented and compiled for designers.

Super High Quality Seamless Green Grass Texture comes with high resolution of 3537×2400, it is best for using as background or 3d works. Some examples of popular grass textures are:

  • Grass Texture II:Grass Textures for Designers31

    The file format of Grass Texture II is JPEG. The resolution of this type of grass textures is 3072 × 2304 pixels. This is free to use in any of the project or also use in any personal library.


    Green grass texture is designed by Gardek. The Size is about 2048×1536 pixels. This green grass texture was taken from a Cambridge College. This is Free for commercial use. It has super high- resolution texture.

  • Dry Long Grass:Grass Textures for Designers34

    Dry Long Grass texture is designed by Starna. This texture has some dried out long grass for use as a texture. The file format is JPG. It has a resolution of 2560 × 1920 pixels.

  • Grass Texture:Grass Textures for Designers35

    Grass texture is designed by Catemate. Since, this is seamless design you can actually use this texture in any size or layout. This has JPG file format and resolutions of 1800 x 1200 pixels.

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Grass Textures for Designers1

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Yellow leaves. Grass. Texture .

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Bowling green grass background.

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