30+ Amazing 3D Street Art: Fascinating People for Millennia

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The penchant for giving three-dimensionality to art has brought an especially enrapturing style of it that has been aesthetically spellbinding people over the ages. 3D street art is alternatively known as pavement, chalk or sidewalk art and is a form of anamorphic art. Sprawling over sidewalks, walls, and public spaces this form of art has been significantly mesmerizing people and has successfully produced some pretty incredible impact on the spectators. It is a very distinguished form of art that appeals to the masses communicating relevant social issues and different aspects of life.  Street Art refers to any medium of visual art in an exceedingly public location that’s outside of sanctioned art venues.

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A Glance at the History

Street art’s origins can be traced back to World War II. It was during this period when many artists took to the streets to express their discontent and dismay. Pavement artists were found all over the United Kingdom and by 1890 it was estimated that more than 500 artists were making a full-time living from pavement art in London alone.
The British term for pavement artist is “screever”. The works of screevers were accompanied by poems and proverbs with the perfect blend of lessons on morality, and political commentary on the varied events of the day.

The art of the screevers depicted a topical, pictorial newspaper of current event. They also appealed to both the working people who understood the visual images; and to the educated mass of the middle-classes who praised the moral lessons and comments. It was of prime importance for a screever to catch the eye of the people.
European Revolutionaries have provided a firm back-bone to the street art movement.

Founding Father of 3D Street Art

  • The pioneer of 3D street art, Kurt Wenner saw the inventive prospects of mixing the normal street technique of the Madonnari, together with his classical coaching in architecture and perspective.
  • Born in Michigan, Wenner studied at the Art Centre College of Design and Rhode Island School of Design, and had a brief stint at NASA before leaving to study art in Italy in 1982.
  • He unveiled the concept of 3D pavement art at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and founded the first street painting festival which was named The Old Mission Festival held in the US in 1980.

Festivals and Popularity

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  • The very first recorded street-painting competition and ‘festival’ was held in London in 1906.
  • In 1972 the first ‘Italian’ International Street Painting Competition was held in Grazie di Curtatone, Italy.It’s a part of competition celebrating the belief with the streets of the town being turned over to the competition..
  • In 1987, Wenner and Manfred Stader put forth street painting to Old Mission Santa Barbara, California.
  • Lake Worth Street Painting Festival is one of the largest events in the United States which is held in Lake Worth Florida. Since its inception in 1994, it enthralls 100,000 visitors over the weekend to see 250 works of art by over 400 artists.
  • Such captivating festivals held every year in different places all across the globe brings 3D street art to limelight and spreads its charm all around.

Simplicity in Complex Appearance

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3D drawings are capable of giving life to any drawing.  It may seem a bit exaggerated but it is actually capable of conveying emotions though its strokes and shades.It only sounds difficult but it is actually easier than it appears.
It gives an entirely new way of looking at the pictorial forms of social, political and other life issues.

Train Yourself

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  • Street artists use different mediums to create their art. Spray paint, markers and chalk are the most popular ones.
  • Drawing done on a sidewalk surface uses less of a medium than the one required on the surface of a road. Artists prefer giving their works a 3D appearance by adding light and shade.

Impressive Scope and Depth

  • This art work has gained prominence all over and has taken on a complete new meaning. Optical illusions and 3D street art have taken center stage around the world. With prominent personalities like Edgar Mueller, these pieces marvel the ingenious crowd enlightening the whole new meaning of art and painting.
  • An inspiration for many aspiring artists 3d street allows them to share their talent on a global scale.

3D street Art Working Commercially

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Free media coverage is the biggest benefit of using 3D art in your advertising or PR campaign because the pictures work marvellously well in photographs that press exposure is almost expected.

3D street art campaigns have been broadcasted in all the national newspapers in the UK as well as regionals and also TV exposure on programs such as BBC news and Sky News Hundreds of 3D street art campaigns for clients ranging from Google, Nike to Unilever have been created by Kristian Jeffrey who is one of the UK’s leading experts on 3D street art.

Amazing 3D Street Art

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