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Funny Caricature of Popular Celebrities

35 Funny Caricatures of Popular Celebrities: Humorous Creativity

35 Funny Caricatures of Popular Celebrities: Humorous Creativity

Celebrities are famous because of their work. Now days, the funny caricatures of popular celebrities are too popular because of the humorous creativity. A caricature is picture that amplifies or distorts the essence of any individual to make an easily identifiable image. These are the funny images of popular people or celebrities. Thus, the artists

Successful Ways to promote your Website1.2

Successful Ways to promote your Website: 12 ways

The website promotion activities are rising in number as the website owners had started realizing the importance of website promotion. These activities lead to higher ranking of the website and most importantly the higher number of visitors to the website. Website promotion had become the ultimate way of generating traffic to your website and hence

Shades of Green Color Names1.2

20 Shades of Green Color Names: For Designers

The elegant color green marks life, enthusiasm, renewal and hopes. It symbolizes cheerfulness and inspiration to embark on new aspects of life. It is the color of leaves and grasses that marks the inception of freshness and indicates positive energy and growth. There are different shades of green that are formed from the amalgamation of

Surreal Photography Examples1.2

35 Incredible Surreal Photography Examples

Surreal photography was evolved after the First World War and it is introduced by the Andre Breton. This type of photography is more than the real that use to symbolize the dreams like intoxication, hallucination, sexual ecstasy and also madness. If these photographs are taken properly then it use to make a great impact on

Top Ten Programming Languages1.1

Top Ten Programming Languages to Learn for sure

The technology is booming worldwide and is making way for new devices and platforms every day. The programming had taken technology to new level. There are large numbers of programming jobs worldwide and most of these jobs are paying high. These programming languages also have a great impact on your resume. If you know these