Be your Own Recruiter, 7 Excellent Job Board WordPress Plugin

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Although WordPress is a popular blogging platform, there are so many different features and plugins that help in making WordPress an efficient application framework. You can use WordPress to post job vacancies and make one of the best application portals that is sure to help you out.

It is important to use the best plugins because they offer extra features and facilities that makes it easier for firms to submit their jobs and at the same time simplifies the process of filing an application as well. There is no dearth of plugins and following is a list of some of the top plugins that can help you get the best out of the WordPress portal.

In order to maximize the output that you can get from WordPress as a job application portal and Be your Own Recruiter, you should make use of the following 7 Excellent Job Board WordPress Plugins

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1. Resume Submissions And Job Postings

It is one of the top plugins that can come in handy for helping those who want to have an efficient job portal site. The main task of this plugin is to allow the admin to post details of new work on their site. At the same time, it also allows users to submit their resume and file an application for the job as well.

Resume Submissions And Job Postings

Features of Resume Submissions And Job Postings:

  • You can enable captcha to prevent spam and robotic entries.
  • It has the option to send an automated “thank you” email to users who file their application.
  • For logged in users, first name, last name and email address field may be preset.
  • Users can attach files when filing an application.
  • The submitted resume can be saved as a PDF file.
  • The PDF containing the resume can be automatically sent to the designated email address.
  • The button “submit resume for the job” can be placed anywhere as per the need of the admin.

Who is the Resume Submissions And Job Postings Plugin For?

This plugin is for all those admin who want to launch a job portal and are looking to get ample applications. This plugin requires some customization as you have to check if the different features are working.

However, the available features make it an excellent choice for all those who are keen to have an application portal for finding the best applicants for a job.

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2. Zartis Job Plugin

This plugin helps in automating much of the recruitment process and is often used by all those who are in need of creating job applicants so that they can serve their needs. This plugin will save you the money involved in recruiting an entire selection team.

zartis job wordpress plugin

Features of Zartis Job Plugin:

  • Multi language: the plugin offers job boards in 13 different languages.
  • Social networking support: you can share the job positions on your Twitter or Facebook account directly.
  • Central storage: all the profiles for candidates who have applied to your job are stored at a single central location which makes it easier to sort out the applications.
  • Customization options: there are a lot of customization options that you can use to modify the look and feel of your site.

Who is the Zartis Job Plugin For?

Those who are looking to have an advanced job portal wherein most of the functions are automated can opt to use this plugin. The prices start from $99 a month and you can find the right option that fits both need and bill.

3. WP Job Board

It is perhaps one of the most efficient and popular plugin because of the vast list of impressive features that it has to offer.

wp jobboard plugin

Features of WP Job Board:

  • Easy to install: this plugin is extremely easy to install and requires no technical proficiency. You can install it on new or even existing blogs.
  • Compatibility: it is compatible with all WordPress themes.
  • PayPal integration: if you have a job portal that is paid or if you want the applicant to buy the forms, this plugin comes with integrated PayPal facility that handles all your payment efficiently.
  •  Marketing features: those who are desperately looking to fill their existing vacancies can make smart use of the marketing features that the plugin offers and can boost the type of traffic their posts receive.
  • Email support: the support services are top notch as emails are generally replied in less than 24 hours.

Who is the WP Job Bard Plugin For?

This plugin can find its use for a lot of people ranging from web developers to entrepreneurs and specially recruitment agencies.  The personal license plan costs $97, while the business plan with better features costs $199.

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4. WP Job Board Pro

It is a premium plugin that offers some of the best facilities. It is of best use for all those who need one such plugin that can offer advanced support.

wp jobboard-pro

Features of WP Job Board Pro:

  • See all jobs: this plugin offers a short code feature which can show all jobs in a condensed form.
  • Widget support: it offers a widget that displays the latest job. It is beneficial for applicants as they can see newly posted jobs on a glance.
  • Ajax support: the application form is made using Ajax support and can handle complex entries.
  • Multiple file types supported: there is an option to select the type of files that you can allow to be uploaded. You can fix the size of the attachment as well.
  • Extensive search: you can search the available jobs with the help of keywords. This again makes searching jobs easier.

Who is the WP Job Board Pro Plugin For?

It is one of the top choices for recruitment agencies. Even business managers can benefit from this plugin. It is ideally suited for those companies who need advanced forms for applications and want to simplify the ease of filing application of job openings.

5. WordPress Jobbin

This plugin gives admin the power to review the different job postings that are available and add or delete them as per needs.

wordpress jobbin plugin

Features of WordPress Jobbin:

  • You can add categories and sub categories to available job listings.
  • Administrator holds the power to approve or cancel any type of job listings.
  • Multiple job types can be published.
  • Users can browse jobs on the basis of different filters like categories, subtypes and so on.
  • The plugin offers plenty of customization options.
  • This plugin helps in keeping the published job status up to the mark.

Who is the WordPress Jobbin Plugin For?

The main users of this plugin are those who want to have a job portal list. This plugin will help you manage multiple job listings and the customization option gives admin extensive rights to handle the different options and features. It is a paid plugin and is worth the money.

6. WP Careers

This plugin primarily targets those who are looking to make a standalone WP site that caters exclusively to job listings. It is power packed with variable features and is quickly becoming a top choice.

wpcareers plugin

Features of WP Careers:

  • Administrator has full power as they can add, insert, delete and even modify existing job entries.
  • Admin can approve or reject the different job listings.
  • The applicants who are currently inactive can be changed to active by the administrator.
  • Both employer as well as applicants can submit their profiles.
  • There is an option to separately filter the profiles of employers and applicants.
  • There is a provision for applicants to upload images to their profile and this improves the credibility of the application.

Who is the WP Careers Plugin For?

This free-to-use plugin is meant for all those developers who are looking to have a portal where they can bring employers and applicants together. It offers some of the best customization options and the admin controls ensure that one will be able to have an efficient online job portal system

7. Job Manager

It is a free plugin that is considered by many as one of the easiest options to use. It helps in posting jobs and managing the application that one receives without any hassles whatsoever.

JobManager by SmartRecruiters

Features of Job Manager:

  • Provision of filters like categories and location for filtering jobs.
  • Various job widgets that can be posted on the site.
  • An extremely easy to use interface where jobs can be posted; viewed and deleted.
  • Provision to automatically un-post a job after the vacancies has been filled.
  • Option to consolidate the different job reports.
  • Social media sites integration: One can easily share and link the posts to your own Facebook profiles.
  • Simplified hiring process: The entire applications can be tracked under a single head which makes hiring easier and efficient.

Who is the Job Manager Plugin For?

All those who are looking for a free plugin that can give them the best set of facilities that will serve their purpose and help them find the right applicants can benefit from this plugin. The different features and zero cost make it one of the best choices that people can have.



These are the seven plugins that can come in handy when you are looking to post a job and get ample applicants. Different plugins are used for different purposes and you should choose the ones that look to be best suited for the goals and purpose that you have set for yourself.

With the right plugin, you will be able to make an efficient job portal that will serve your purpose. Some of the plugins are free while others come at a price. It is up to you to measure the cost of the plugin and weigh it with available features to choose the best one.


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