Become Famous on Instagram Rapidly: 12 Steps

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Instagram has more than 100 million downloads till now. It is a social media and mobile photography application for the users. The Instagram users can be featured on main website when they become ‘Most Popular’. If you want to become famous on Instagram then here are few steps that will teach you how to become famous on Instagram.

Become Famous on Instagram Rapidly1.1

Tips to Become Famous on Instagram

Choose a name on Instagram that is catchy

Become Famous on Instagram Rapidly1

The name you choose on instagram must be easy to recognize and attractive. You must consider a theme for your page first and then choose the name based on that theme.

  • You can try the name generators, if you have any difficulty to find the names
  • You must not be afraid of using the symbols inside the names. You can keep one or two symbols in the names
  • Choose the best Instagram names by preparing your own list of names and them choosing

Upload a Good Profile Photo

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Your Instagram profile photo must be attractive and should define the theme. Instead of putting any object, you can put your own photo. If you really wish to become popular then you should upload your own photo.

Choose the theme

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You must choose the hobbies that you love. Though, you can go outside the theme, but choosing your favorite theme will help you out to stay focused and concentrate to become popular.

  • A theme based profile will always derive more readers
  • You must be perfect on the selected theme

Learn the Instagram application

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You must learn the Instagram application as quickly as possible. The more you learn it, the more creative you go.

  • You can become a pro by taking too many photos and using filters.
  • You should learn tricks to manipulate the photos in best possible way

Download a Photo Editor Application

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You should always have an additional photo editor application so that you can edit the photo to good levels before you make use of filters.

  • You must use filters on edited photos to get good effects
  • This will help you in reducing the chances of getting angry fans

Take number of Photos


You should be capable enough to take hundreds of photos. But do not post them on your profile at once. Move ahead slowly.

  • You should post at least a single photo daily for weeks. 2-5 photos a day can also work
  • Posting 100 photos at a go will not help. You be be regular rather than posting photos all together

Add Captions to the Photos

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Adding a caption to the photo is always better. The captions give the briefing about the photo to your Instagram followers.

  • The captions can be funny and playful and should have humors
  • You can even make you caption describing the image in nice way to attract the user

Get Artistic

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Learn to experiment with the photos. You should try to combine different colors and effects together to bring a new look to the photo and make it look really awesome. Try a new angle and keep on experimenting with the photos. You don’t actually know that which photo will be liked by the user. So keep on trying out different things.

Get personal

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It may help you in some or the other way. People might get bored if you continue to post the photos on your profile without interacting with the people. Let the people know about another side of you. Share something interesting about yourself too along with the photos.

Link your Instagram to Facebook Account

Become Famous on Instagram Rapidly10

You should link your Facebook account and other social accounts to your Instagram account. This can be beneficial to you in some or the other way. You should also consider linking to Foursquare and also try geo-tagging.

  • Linking Instagram to your other social accounts will help you out in deriving more responses to your post on Instagram
  • This will derive more followers to your Instagram profile
  • You can get a sudden boost to your followers and engage your friends in promoting your Instagram profile

Use Hashtags

Become Famous on Instagram Rapidly11

You must pay attention to what’s trending and then cleverly use the hashtags on your posted photos and the photos or status you are going to post. Hashtags must be very relevant to what the photo is about.

  • This will encourage more people to see the photos and comment
  • This will also help you out in getting more followers

Combine Multiple Images

Become Famous on Instagram Rapidly12

Try to combine different images together and describe everything in the caption briefly. This will add a extra beauty to your photos and make your photo look different from others. Be band on the timing of posting the photos.

Follow the above mentioned steps carefully and sincerely. Now get ready to become famous in instagram.

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