Top 20 Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers1.1

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers1.1

The use of AJAX ob different websites had grown popular these days. Though AJAX is not made for every website or application, but user can still utilize AJAX on his/her website learning few tutorials. If you are in the field of web development then you will be glad to learn about these AJAX tutorials. Here is the list of best AJAX tutorials for web developers. You must go through them carefully.

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers

Shopping Cart through PHP, CSS, and jQuery based on AJAX

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers1

If you want to create a shopping cart based on AJAX then you should study this tutorial. Simple steps for creation involve:

  • Store the products in MYSQL using PHP
  • Use jQuery for delivering AJAX to website
  • To create checkout process, use simpletip plugin

Featured Content Slider

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers2

In this tutorial, you can learn to make pieces of HTML glide in, and set them together to beautiful slide show. It helps in:

  • Inserting the slider to the post
  • Makes the site attractive

AJAX Username Availability Checker using MooTools 1.2

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers3

AJAX can be used as an identifier to check the availability pf user name. You can learn this tutorial if you want to know about:

  • Username availability checker
  • Learn using MooTools to display the checker with AJAX

Twitter List Fan Page Powered by AJAX

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers4

Lists feature had been launched by Twitter in recent time. In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Creating widget to flip the list other way round
  • Use new API key for this
  • This widget will allow the users to fill their Twitter names and join fan list

AJAXify WordPress Comment posting

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers5

This tutorial is very effective for the WordPress bloggers. You must learn it because:

  • It teaches to comment with the AJAX client side JavaScript using Form Validation
  • How user can comment on your WP blog step by step\

AJAX Login Form

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers6

The AJAX login form uses MooTools. This login form has a simple and neat preloader. Read this tutorial to learn about it.

AJAX website with jQuery

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers7

You can easily create a simple website based on AJAX using jQuery. This tutorial teaches you:

  • Load the website pages with AJAX
  • This website will also support the browser history

AJAX & XML: AJAX for Tables

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers8

There are number of ways to enhance the user experience on the website. One of such ways is to use AJAX for tables. You can learn it in this tutorial easily.

Infinite Scrolling Web Gallery using AJAX

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers9

This tutorial will make your learn about the creation of auto generating, one page gallery with infinite scrolling based on AJAX and PHP.

Using jQuery for Multiple File Upload through AJAX

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers10

Multiple File upload form based on AJAX uses a little server side code. Some of its benefits are:

  • It provides a nice user interface
  • Reduces the actual development process

AJAX Newsletter Module

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers11

This tutorial teaches you to create a newsletter module so that your website’s newsletters can be delivered to all the emails subscribing your site at a go.


Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers12

This tutorial will teach you to create an AJAX XML Ticker. It also teaches you:

  • To link the .txt file to ticker for displaying slideshow of messages
  • It also has good support for rich HTML

ASP.NET AJAX Frameworks

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers13

AJAX can be used to design fast and responsive user interfaces. This tutorial will give you a brief overview for creating the user interface based on ASP.NET AJAX Framework.

AJAX Delete jQuery

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers14

The content removal through AJAX is very helpful for web designer. This tutorial is useful because:

  • Few jQuery code lines will delete the records and entries from your database through AJAX
  • You can remove the comment DIV. This can also be done by sliding up animation

AJAX Contact Form

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers15

You can learn creating the AJAX contact forms. These forms will email the recipients without reloading the page.

AJAX & XML: AJAX for Chat

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers16

The developers always think to create a live interface to deal with the customers of a website. This interface can be created learning this tutorial. It will teach you:

  • How to create AJAX hat Window
  • How to use tools like MySQL, PHP, Prototype.js, AJAX, and DHTML for creating this chat window

AJAX jQuery & PHP based Voting System

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers17

This tutorial teaches you to create an awesome voting system using PHP and jQuery based on AJAX. You users can join the voting process on your site.

AJAX jQuery Style Switcher

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers18

You can learn to create a fast style switcher that will help the users in dynamic switching on website. It is very easy to implement.

Google AJAX APIs

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers19

This tutorial teaches you to add map on websites based on HTNL and JavaScript using the Google’s AJAX APIs. These are easy to implement and control.

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