Top 15 Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions You Should Have

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions1.1

Joomla is a content management system which lets the user create a website according to his or her liking. Joomla has a huge collection of extensions which if incorporated in the website favours its working. Every day new collections are being added to it, some of them are better than others. Some of the important Joomla extensions are listed below;

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions1.2

Must-Have Joomla Extensions

Joomla Content Editor (JCE)

A Flexible platform is provided for digital publishing and collaboration. There are other extensions also available in the market, but none of them is as good as JCE.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions1

  • It allows you to create and modify content with creating a mess with the HTML.
  • It also adds a robust to such that you are able to create and modify the contents without even having complete knowledge of the HTML.
  • It even allows the users to upload image files, PDF files and even media files to the content, hence making it completely user friendly.

K2 Extension

It almost fills in the gaps which Joomla extension does not supports.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions2

  • It enables you to manage your content easily without much effort, which cannot be done by the Joomla default software itself.
  • Like other extensions it also comes up with the feature of posting photos, media files, and has add-on feature of creating templates too.


It is one of the premium software, which not only is properly built but also allows flexibility to the users.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions3

  • It creates and customises contact forms for collecting HTML/email data in your Joomla website.
  • It converts the data into a common format.


It can easily put code anywhere, in the middle of content, article, section, category and component. It is easy to use via editor button, multiple language support and allows placement of code too.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions4


User can replace the output with anything he or she needs. These replacements are not permanent and have to be requested every time you want the change to be done.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions5

  • The function of this extension is to add/remove/change elements in the site
  • It adds ways to style up your elements, clean up the unwanted html and replace simple words.

Easy Blog

It allows you to create a clean and professional blog quickly.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions6

  • It allows one to manage business, personal and company blog easily.
  • It not only supports the social network integration but also allows integration of Joomla templates, extensions and addons too.
  • It provides us with a flexible and powerful setup which fires up your blog.


It has proven to be the most powerful shopping cart solution. It helps build up an effective e-store.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions7

  • Herein products can be displayed along with their detailed description, media, tags etc.
  • It even supports multilingual options for the customers who are present in different countries.

AcyMailing Starter

It helps manage the emails, mailing lists, subscribers. It supports real time sending rather than queue system. It supports 40+ languages, and imports the contacts in various formats such as CSV, Letterman etc.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions8


It is a handy extension which helps you set up calendar and customizes it according to your needs.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions9

  • It even configures, displays a summary of all the events
  • It also has a search feature for the customers to search in the events.

Akeeba Backup Extension

It allows you to take the backup of your site, and provide you safety against the various security issues which are being faced nowadays.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions10

  • It runs in the background without disrupting the work and takes timely backup of the data.
  • In the event of loss of data, with the help of this extension the data can be restored back properly.

Twitter FollowMe

In the current scenario, when everyone is following the social websites.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions11

  • It helps you display the tweets and the follower count on the homepage.
  • It evens adds power of Twitter to your site and is a lightweight extension.

Play thru Captcha

It is the most hateable thing for the viewers when they are asked to enter the unclear words. Hence in place of this a captcha with a mini game is created wherein they are not required to guess the twisted words rather they just have to through the human test.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions12


This add the spice of sociality to your websites by way of comment system, filtering, galleries for pictures and medias, and not just this there are privacy controls too which can save you private information from being exposed to the public. With this people can get connected to each other and can share their likes and dislikes with each other.

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions13


Among all other Antispam joomla extensions, RAnispam has its own significance. While working, It make use of Bayesian Algorithm which trigger its self-learning property.  In other Words, you can simply compare this amazing extension with Akismet .

Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions14

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