20 Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac

Are you using the Mac? Then you must be aware about dashboard widgets that are used for the Dashboard application over the Mac system. But it is essential for one to prefer the Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac as they are widely used for different programs in Mac. When you use the Dashboard widget, then by default you will get several applications like calendar, clock and weather, calculator widgets, etc. Here, we give a good list of the best Dashboard Widgets for Mac that are commonly used.

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac1.1

Above all else, you have to download a gadget motor from Yahoo and introduce it on your machine. This will permit you to get to more than 3,000 separate gadget dashboard widgets made for this motor. There are a few outlined, particularly for photographic artists, and especially for the individuals, who are energetic offering photographs of stock or microstock organizations.

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac

Color Converter

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac15

It uses to provide the interface which can change the color.

  • Developed by HTML developers
  • Change color codes of interface


Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac2

Keyboard shortcuts are mainly required. It can be acclimatized by the Dashkards and can be used in a snap.

  • Navigate Mac more efficiently
  • Shortcuts are available without toy bar

Word counter

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac17

When one need to write anything with the given word count, then this app is highly helpful. By this you can track your word count.

  • Countable spaces  after every letter
  • Provide exact word count

Milk the cow

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac5

Buying this app, one needs to remember the most important things to be done. It is a type of reminder that one uses.

  • Remember popular application
  • Add, edit and customize as per your need

Mighty Monitor

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac6

It is the main tracker of the Mac that is commonly ignored by people. It monitos the life of the battery and informs you when required.

  • Monitor battery life
  • Drag attention when required

Eject volume

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac8

It allows users to eject all the connection during work at one click. It helps when a lot of applications connected at a same time in your Mac.

  • Provide switching to multiple connection
  • Eject one connection from many frequently

Dash Note

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac1

Dashnote is the app that is used for maintaining the notes and records. Simple notes are encrypted in it by the user.

  • It allows the user to access the simple notes.
  • Remind the user when requires

iStat Pro

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac9

By this widget user is able to get all the information regarding their Mac, which includes  both inside and out info.

  • Analysis system
  • Provide information regarding site performance

Delivery Status

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac10

It allows you to track packages that are delivered from your Mac. For this, one only need to have the package number.

  • Insert package number
  • Track package for any postal area

The reminder

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac4

Reminder is an app that uses to provide you information regarding the small things that are easily forgotten.

  • Sticky notes are available
  • Reminder automatically retrieves data and informs you

Time machine buddy

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac7

It uses to demystify time machine. It helps the user by informing about backup files.

  • Multiple manual backups
  • Terminal applications are provided


Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac11

By this one is able to get updates regarding their twitter account and also able to update their status.

  • View timeline
  • Update Status

Dropbox Droplet

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac3

By this app one can share their files with others.  It uses to share your files in the form of snap. It is easy to operate and requires 2 steps

  • Sign in once
  • Drag and drop file

Currency converter

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac14

It is used by several people as it gives true information regarding the currency of different places. By this one can directly find out the currency value.

  • Get the most up to date exchange rate
  • Convert one country’s currency into another

BMI Calculator

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac16

The BMI calculator helps one to track their health and by this one can improve their health.

  • Insert your weight and height
  • Get your BMI correct

GitHub Widget

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac12

GitHub is the social network developer’s widget that wishes to allow user to get updates regarding their collaborative projects.

  • Watch your progress on projects
  • Update with the recent progress

Digg.com widget

Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac13

It is similar to desktop website along with the services to check the latest news in any different categories.

  • Check the latest news about business
  • Technology and sports information is updated

There are different types of Widgets available for Mac and these apps are highly useful for the users. Therefore, people use to install it. Along with several benefits, it is also easy to handle and operate these apps. If you are not using these Mac Widgets, then you must go for it once.

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