Top 20 Best jQuery Plugins of the Year: 2014

Best jQuery Plugins of the Year1.2

jQuery scripting had ease the use of creation of the plugins and had made it possible to add on several useful functionalities to the plugins with ease. Now developers can add on different functionalities to plugin easily, using jQuery. Some of the best jQuery plugins are listed below. You can have a look over them and choose the best one for your website.

Best jQuery Plugins of the Year

Adaptive Background

Best jQuery Plugins of the Year1

You can extract the dominant colors from the images and apply them to parent element. This plugin will utilize canvas element and image data object. Some of its features are:

  • You can control the cross origin resource sharing
  • The script fails, if someone tries to extract colors from the image not hosted on current domain


Best jQuery Plugins of the Year2

It eases the navigation of your website helping the user to browse through the website with ease. Other features include:

  • It calculates intention of users automatically
  • It eradicates the twitchy look of menus

Full Page Image Slideshow

Best jQuery Plugins of the Year3

This plugin is used to get the full page slide show of the image by expanding the space. It helps to remove the distractions off.


Best jQuery Plugins of the Year4

This is an interactive, semantic, and great table plugin built using HTML 5, jQuery, and JSON. Some of its ultimate features are:

  • It provides a simple extensible API that helps you to interact with large datasets
  • It also provides framework to implement larger datasets

Avgrund Modal

Best jQuery Plugins of the Year5

This adds on a wow factor to your pop up content by pushing Z space and blurring page content, before the pop up opens. It is one of the best lightweight solutions for you.

JQuery Label Better

Best jQuery Plugins of the Year6

It helps you to label your form in an animated manner without consuming too much of space. Other features of this plugin include:

  • You can add it to your site by including the jQuery library with jquery.label_better.js on document header
  • It has cross browser compatibility and is responsive

jQuery Knob

Best jQuery Plugins of the Year7

This converts the website elements to touch friendly dials that can even work on desktop. It improves the look and feel of the website.


Best jQuery Plugins of the Year8

It is a lightweight and simple jQuery plugin that can easily convert the array of object into dashboard. Other features include:

  • Drag and drop feature
  • You can listen to event like data selection, table row click, and chart data click


Best jQuery Plugins of the Year9

It is created by Twitter development team. It is easy to implement tool. This provides the auto complete suggestions to the users.


Best jQuery Plugins of the Year10

This plugin is created by Julien Renaux that helps in defer image loading till the images are scrolled down. Other features of this plugin are:

  • You can view different versions of images
  • The images can be opened in different screen sizes

Multi Level Push Menu

Best jQuery Plugins of the Year11

This allows the endless nesting for navigating the elements and has got support for unlimited levels. Some of its other features:

  • It is cross browser compatible
  • Touch devices can use the swipe gestures


Best jQuery Plugins of the Year12

This allows you to present HTML enabled tooltips with CSS in semantic markup, for controlling the display. It is highly customizable.


Best jQuery Plugins of the Year13

This plugin can easily change the cloudiness of complete page but leaves the video player. Other benefits include:

  • Helps the user to focus on particular video
  • It can work with multiple players on same page
  • Responsive layout


Best jQuery Plugins of the Year14

This jQuery plugin is created by Andrey Kostakov. It creates the custom share buttons and the counters for the website.

Magnific Popup

Best jQuery Plugins of the Year15

It is a lightweight plugin. It gives high performance and quality experience to user. Some of its great features are:

  • It is superfast plugin
  • It can run on High DPI devices


Best jQuery Plugins of the Year16

It allows you to aply simple filters and effects to the images. This plugin will work on canvas + images and you can even chain the filters for easier use.


Best jQuery Plugins of the Year17

This is an image slider plugin without whistles and bells. Some of its benefits are:

  • It is small size
  • It highly responsive
  • Built in keyboard support

jQuery Interactive 3D

Best jQuery Plugins of the Year18

This plugin is easy to use and can be applied to multiple images. You have customization options like cursor icon, touch support, speed, auto play and more.


Best jQuery Plugins of the Year19

This plugin is created using jQuery and CSS 3. It is a filter and sort plugin. Some of its great features are:

  • You can sort or filter along with categorized content with good fluid animation
  • It is perfect plugin for portfolios, blogs, and for eCommerce websites

jQuery Collapser

Best jQuery Plugins of the Year20

It is created by Aakash Chakrovarty. It is a small plugin that is helpful in collapsing the element text by characters, words, or lines using a flexible API.

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