15 Best Mambo Templates to Choose for a Website

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Mambo is a popular content management system that is easy to install and is completely free. It is the best choice for a person, who wish to create an easy to manage and simple content website. You can create a good and unique website in terms of content and appearance. The users can create a great website using mambo without having any programming skills. Mambo templates are ready to use template. The user should only have the knowledge of cut copy paste in order to use mambo. The installation of Mambo is not at all a difficult task. Here is the list of some of the best Mambo templates that you can choose to create a good website.

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Best Mambo Templates

Voodoo Mambo Template

This is truly a minimal responsive template that can suit any website. Some of its features are:

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  • It has got simple and elegant design
  • It provides some cool features to change your site to a rush spot in no time

Global News Mambo Template

This news is very much suitable for different types of online news broadcasting portals. You can even create information bulletin portal. This theme is perfect if you wish to create an informative news portal.

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Global Biz Mambo Template

This is an elegant and slick Mambo theme to turn Mambo CMS into a fully functional online store. Some of its awesome features are:

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  • Great integration of modules
  • Responsive and elegant style
  • Widgets, sliders, and lots more

Business Mambo Template

This is a unique and elegant template which has a creative and responsive design that allows you to emphasize more on content, photos, and videos. Some of its great features are:

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  • It is loaded with different styling options
  • It can suit website of any niche

Freight Services Mambo Template

This template will help you to create a powerful and credible online portal for shipping and delivery of products. You can design a website that is based on import and export of the goods, logistics & supply of chain management, shipping & delivery of products, and even for freight forwarding.

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Floral Design Mambo template

This is one of the best themes for ecommerce portals. It has got a super clean design. You can change every element of the template through admin panel.

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Woman’s Shopping Mambo template

This is one of the powerful Mambo templates that can be used to create a wonderful online portal. Some of its features are:

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  • You can display unlimited products and services
  • There are number of options to manage and modify the templates

Party Zone Mambo Template

This template is best for creating event based websites. You can create website that are based on different events and the website can have different sliders, polling options and much more. You can even create a shopping cart on this template.

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Showgo Mambo Template

This is another website having elegant style and responsive design. Some of its marvelous features are:

Best Mambo Templates9

  • It is user friendly
  • It has flexible slider and room for description
  • It has different widget options and multiple modules too
  • You can customize the fonts, theme colors and other things

Company Enjoy Mambo Template

This premium Mambo template is loaded with large number of features that makes this template usable for corporate, business, portfolio, and shopping web sites. Some of its features are:

Best Mambo Templates10

  • You can alter each and every aspect of the theme
  • It is highly configurable
  • Visitors can browse through the website in intuitive manner

Movie Mania Mambo Template

This template will help the movies watchers and cinema going freaks to create their own blog dedicated to film stars and other celebrities. This template has sliders and image slideshow too.

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Stagem Mambo Template

This template is well designed for professional and creative websites. This theme loads fast and is responsive. Some of the best features are:

Best Mambo Templates12

  • It has number of custom widgets
  • It also has different modules and sliders

Auto Reviews Mambo Template

This is a future proof template with simple and professional look. Some of its best features are:

Best Mambo Templates13

  • It is best for review websites

Green Energy Mambo Template

This template features the large banner area that can be utilized to provide special offers. This template is dedicated to provision of energy that can be generated and replenished by natural resources. It is an eco-friendly theme template.

Best Mambo Templates14

Exotic Travel Mambo Template

It is the user friendly clean template to create a unique styles website or blog. This template can be used to create sites having website services and products. The template is loaded with some great features:

Best Mambo Templates15

  • Integrated search options and widgets
  • 3-column room for information or content
  • Nice typography
  • Flexible sidebar and lot more
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