Top 15 Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (1)

There is a creative side in all of us. But this creative side comes out only when you have the right kind of instruments and facilities. The instruments are provided by the mobile devices and tablets which are available to us. The applications which are available to us, help us explore all the creative ideas that we have.

Some of the best applications to bring out the creativity for animation in you are as follows:

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers

Animation Desk

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (1)

  • It has got an easy to use and friendly user interface.
  • You can do the drawing frame by frame and add animations.
  • The application is mostly for people who love to draw. So you need to have that artistic flair for appropriately using this application.
  • It has got a very pleasant and easy menu bar.
  • The animations offered a little old fashioned, yet are very elegant.
  • There are already built in backgrounds, but also it gives us the option of importing backgrounds and animations from other applications.
  • You can also import the pictures.
  • But the interface seems to be a little too much occupied. You get a feeling that it is slightly cluttered.

FlipBook HD

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (3)

  • It has a very easy and less cluttered and spacious interface.
  • The interface is easy so you do not need to take much time to learn this application.
  • You can import the pictures and videos and also the animations from other applications on your device to spice up your creativity.
  • The application also offers you certain kinds of brushes that you can use to add other features to your animations.
  • The best part is you can also choose the frame rate. The range for that is between one and thirty.
  • The functional features are much better than other applications.

Do Ink Animation and Drawing

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (1)

  • The user interface is pretty complex, so you might take a little longer to learn how to use this application.
  • You can however use a very detailed Help Menu.
  • You have to write a lot to add the titles and tags for the animations and there are complicated steps to do that.
  • The choice of brushes is limited to only one.
  • You can create very simple yet very innovative cartoon like animations.

iAnimate Pro

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (2)

  • It offers all the classical features of a typical animation application.
  • You can do cut by cut and frame by frame animation.
  • The most exciting thing about the application is that you can create puppet like animations by simple touch gestures on the screen.


Animation Studio

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (4)

  • It is a very essential application for all the animation lovers.
  • You can link this application with YouTube to share your videos.
  • It has all the tools essential for creating a good animation ranging from brushes to backgrounds to titles to color mixer.
  • It also enables you to add music in the background.


Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (3)

  • It can help you create a virtual puppet show by just the touch on your screens.
  • You can add music and titles to the animation.
  • It is a very easy to use application with a very convenient user interface.
  • It is the best application if you are a naïve.

Animation Creator HD

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (4)

  • It has got a number of features packed in just one application.
  • This application has helped you to create fantastic and gorgeous animations.
  • You can share your videos on YouTube, Twitter and other social networking sites.
  • You have various tools like paint, spray can, full screen editing etc.

Animation Express

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (5)

  • You can have a free version of this application, if you do not want to spend the money in buying an application.
  • It helps you create some of the best animations with simple tools like drawing brushes and painting.
  • You can also choose to apply music to the background.

Cartoon Studio Pro

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (5)

  • It is one of the applications that help you create your self-designed cartoons.
  • It is almost like animation creation, but is not exactly that. It is a little more.
  • You can upload the videos on YouTube and various other social networking sites.

iStop Motion

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (6)

  • It is user friendly app.
  • It has got all the essential features, yet is very easy to learn.
  • One feature that sets it aside is the camera overlay feature for quick animations.

StopMotion recorder

Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (6)

  • It is a fun filled animation creator.
  • It helps you create amazing stop motion videos.
  • You can share the videos on YouTube and Twitter.


Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (7)

  • It is simple to use.
  • You can create animation movies in HD.
  • You can also export and import HD animation videos.


Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (7)

  • It is one of the best free application for animation users.
  • You can add animations by importing multiple still images.
  • The maximum frames that you can add are 40 in number.


Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (2)

  • This is another best free application for creative animation users.
  • This is one application that will help you create quick animations.
  • You can do both the things- create your own animation character and animated videos.


Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers (8)

  • It is one free application that comes with a lot of tools.
  • You have all the features ranging from animated frames, cropping tools, and image effects.
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