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Mono means single and chrome mean color. So, if we combine both the meanings then the actual meaning comes out to be ‘single color’.  There are many websites on internet that are using the monochromatic color palettes. The websites based on monochromatic color implies the single color website with a simple and responsive design in general. These monochromatic website designs are successful when the users are looking for toned down expressions. The monochromatic website design makes use of colors and its shades to give an eye catchy look to the website. The use of monochromatic colors gives trueness to the website design. Let us look at some of the best monochromatic website designs and discuss about them.

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Advantages of Monochromatic Design

Certain advantages associated with monochromatic designs are:

  • Monochromatic Palette is Easy to make: You just need to choose a color and then add black and white to it.
  • Colors Never Clash: As there is only a single color used in the design, so the colors never tends to clash. Monochromatic design is one of the best options for people who may confuse themselves while choosing colors.
  • Design Feels Minimal: The single color gives the simplicity to the website design. It creates a peaceful look on the site as only single color is used. There are no contrasting elements on the website.
  • You can easily emphasize on important elements: As there is a little designing work, this lets you to emphasize more on other important elements that should be present on the website.

Disadvantages of a monochromatic design website

Some major disadvantages of monochromatic website design are:

  • Little variation in your site design: As there is single color, you are restricted to various limitations in the design and contrast of the website. You can just use the contrasting color for one of two things.
  • Text Reading is Difficult: There is very little contrast between color of the background and color of the text. This may cause difficulty in reading.
  • Frustration: It is very difficult to work with single monochromatic color palette and this may be very frustrating for the user.

The monochromatic design is often used in web designing if the user wishes to create a simple website with good layout. Monochromatic websites are better than too much flashy and colorful websites.

Reasons why Monochromatic website design is good

There are plenty of reasons to prove that monochromatic website designs are better than other designs. Some of them are:

  • Easy to Design: There are not too many colors to play with. The use of single color in this type of design makes it very easy for the designer to design the monochromatic color website with ease. You can choose the colors and then add on black and white to get different shades.
  • Colors can Never Clash: As you are using the single color, the color will never clash. So, this will save you from using the wrong color combination.
  • Design is minimal: There will be no colors competition with each other on your website. This will improve the simplicity of the website and gives the website a good look. It looks much better than the flashy colors.
  • You can emphasize on important elements: The monochromatic color design of the website gives you the total flexibility to emphasize more on different elements of the website design. You can choose some perfect ones for your website.
  • You can emphasize on Content: You can easily emphasize more on content and control what user see on the landing page of your website. Also the design of the website gives the user full and clear view of the content.
  • No distractions: There are no fancy colors, flash, and animations on the monochromatic design website. This helps the reader to browse through the website easily without any distraction. It makes the website free from interruptions.
  • Easily Accessible to people having Color Blindness: The monochromatic designed website is easily visible to the people, who are suffering from the color blindness. The contrast of color used remains the same whether any person see the color or not. Everyone can read the website with ease.
  • Look elegant: The design of the website looks elegant and simple. This is one of the basics of a good professional website. The design created is minimalistic.
  • Easy to Choose text Colors: You can choose the combinations of the text colors easily on the website with monochromatic design.
  • Ease to eyes: People need not focus too much on the website having single color. Everything is very soothing to their eyes. Mono-chromatically designed websites are much better websites with multi colors.

Best Monochromatic Website Designs

Polar Gold

Best Monochromatic Website Designs1

Cell Zone

Best Monochromatic Website Designs2

Book of Beards

Best Monochromatic Website Designs3


Best Monochromatic Website Designs4

JWI Louvres

Best Monochromatic Website Designs5


Best Monochromatic Website Designs6

Absolute bica

Best Monochromatic Website Designs7


Best Monochromatic Website Designs8


Best Monochromatic Website Designs9


Best Monochromatic Website Designs10

Netlife Research

Best Monochromatic Website Designs11

War Child

Best Monochromatic Website Designs12

ID Neon

Best Monochromatic Website Designs13


Best Monochromatic Website Designs14

Tom Speirs

Best Monochromatic Website Designs15

Zag Studio

Best Monochromatic Website Designs16


Best Monochromatic Website Designs17

Von Dutch

Best Monochromatic Website Designs18


Best Monochromatic Website Designs19


Best Monochromatic Website Designs20

Theme Squad

Best Monochromatic Website Designs21


Best Monochromatic Website Designs22

New Company

Best Monochromatic Website Designs23

Davroc Interiors

Best Monochromatic Website Designs24


Best Monochromatic Website Designs25

Casey Britt

Best Monochromatic Website Designs26

Frances Comugnai

Best Monochromatic Website Designs27

Nine Lion Design

Best Monochromatic Website Designs29

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