30 Best Mosaic Artworks- A mixture of different Art Forms

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It is an art form that brings together different materials and cultures. The ailments like glass pieces, stones, tiles, ceramic etc. can be used for creating wonderful mosaic art at your home. It does not require too much of fancy stuff, rather you can create a fancy stuff using the old waste material, glues and other useful waste material. Some of the best mosaic art designs are not made up from expensive things rather they are made up from waste.

History of Mosaic Art Design

This Mosaic Art date backs to 4000 years. There are no relevant proofs for it, but still people believe that it is an ancient art form and can be seen in many monuments around the world. It was seen in 5th century AD in the Byzantine Empire and was believed to be the new art form. It used special glass tesserae called Smalti. This Smalti is made up of thick sheets of colored glass and have tiny air bubbles that are rough. But as the modernization had changed the technology, the mosaic art had changed a little, but still the significance of this art is not forgotten. Though in place of glass, many other things had been used in this art form.

Where can be the Mosiac Art is used the most?

There are many places and things on which you can use mosaic art are:

  • Walls

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    Wall is the best canvas to perform mosaic art. You need to start with smaller mosaic art design and then you should decide to move to bigger designs. If you want to make the objects stick on the wall directly then spray the dry cement over the top of mosaic art design. The several types of shapes, textures, patterns etc that can be created using mosaic art on the walls. The combination of stained and ceramic glass looks perfect on the walls. The Terracotta gives earthy feel to the mosaic designs. You can cut it into square blocks, cones and other interesting shapes. Add patterned pebbles to your room to compliment this form of art and make your room look attractive.

  • Tables

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    The top surface of the tables is preferred to have mosaic art designs. It is flat and shaped evenly. It can accommodate variety of materials. The fine cut Italian glass used in form of tiles creates the most brilliant form of mosaic art. It is fired a soaring temperature heat in the extreme presence of some high mineral arts. The metallic flakes that are evolved give the marvelous look to glass.

  • Bathrooms

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    Bathroom is another place, where you can use mosaic art to large extent. It offers you the ample room for creativity. Your bathroom will look more alive, if you use the mosaic art designing. You can experiment here with different mosaic designs and select the best design for your rooms.

  • Other Accessories

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    The regular household accessories and articles can be made to look great through mosaic art design. You even use this art form on pieces of terracotta and broken glasses. It can also be used in lamp shades, cupboard doors, plates, forks, kitchen accessories etc. It will make your kitchen look antique and different from that of others.

There are different forms of mosaic art that needs to be cherished by people. Some of them are given here.

Popular forms of mosaic art

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Some of the most popular forms of Mosaic art are given below. You can go for the most suitable one for your place.

  • Classical Mosaic Art: This is one of the most time consuming and perfect ways to go through the mosaic art. Therefore it is costly and requires the use of stones like marbles, granite etc for decoration purpose. Italian glass can be used for this purpose.
  • Pebble Mosaic Art: It is the robust form of this art. It is traditional method that is not at all cheap. The stones used are generally pebbles and bricks. The beauty of this art is worth watching. You can use the pebbles of different shapes, sizes and patterns to harness the beauty.
  • Hand-cut Mosaic Work: Mosaic Art forms are generally time consuming and so this one too. It makes use of cut ceramic tiles to create the marvelous complex designs with different colors.
  • Industrial Mosaic Art: The tiles in this method are cut down to small pieces and packed in some or the other pattern. The effect created on the tiles is pixilated and contemporary. You can also add the dramatic and subtle effects to cherish the beauty of the art you have created. This is one of the most affordable form of mosaic art and very much preferred by people.

So start with the perfect form of mosaic art and harness the real beauty of your house.

Best Mosaic Artworks

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