25+ Best PSD Business Card Templates: Show your Creativity!

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If you have made an impression in a business meeting and you want the client to take home your name and contact details, it is essential to handover the details. And, hence dawned the concept of business cards. Some of the benefits of best PSD business card templates are:

Best PSD Business Card Templates1.1

  • They are essential because they will represent you when you are physically not present.
  • The exchange of business cards marks the beginning or atleast the intent of beginning a new formal relationship.
  • It reflects you style and identity.

Whether you are a small start-up or a part of a big establishes business, the business cards are equally indispensable. While some may be able to a huge amount of money to a professional designer to design a business card for them, some might be using free resources on the net to do the best they can with the design. You also need to maintain a specific size for your business cards. Most the business cards are standardized at 3.5 inches width and 2 inches height. There are many tools which are available to design the business cards by professionals or by naïve.  But PSD remains the favorite tool for all. It is not just convenient, but offers you a lot of options also to choose from.

Business Card Templates

  • Free: They are available on the net for public use and mostly for start-ups and personal cards, if you don’t want to spend on them.
  • Premium: You have to pay a fee to download them. But their designs are much more elegant and stylish. They will leave a better mark than the free templates.

There are few things that you need to keep in mind while designing business cards in PSD. These are:

  • Use a ruler to maintain equal margins on all the sides. This gives your card elegance.
  • Maintain the clarity of the text. For this use 300 DPI resolution.
  • Some of the best PSD templates that you can use are:

Modern Corporate Business card Template

Best PSD Business Card Templates1

This has a very simple, yet elegant and formal layout.

  • The background is a mix of orange and white on the front and orange and black on the rear.
  • The text is written with black on the front and white on the rear.

Elegant Business card Template

Best PSD Business Card Templates2

This is a free template which is designed by Webvilla.

  • It has an elegant design and in a combination of white and grey on the front and mostly solid black with grey patterns on the back.
  • You just need to edit the name and contact details, which are printed in black on the front side.

Premium business card template

Best PSD Business Card Templates3

This is also a free template.

  • The design is such that it can be used for personal and professional use.
  • It has an elegant white color and has some self-design patterns.
  • The text is written in black.

Yellow and Blue corporate Business template

Best PSD Business Card Templates4

This is a free template for businesses that are new, modern, young and vibrant.

  • This is a very stylish template with one side as completely yellow background with black stylish text.
  • The other side is a pattern in black and text in yellow and black.

Red Business Card Template

Best PSD Business Card Templates5

Red signifies the passion, the fire and the dynamism. This business card template in red helps you to relate these characteristics to your business.

  • The card has a very attractive look and appeal in the first look only.
  • The text is written in a stylish font on the front and rear side with white color.

Minimal Business Card Template

Best PSD Business Card Templates6

This template also aids your business card to look modern and stylish.

  • Bold colors have been used in solid patterns on both the front and the back.
  • The font type is gorgeously stylish.
  • This is a business card that will set you aside and make you look much better than the rest.

Clean and Professional Business Card Template

Best PSD Business Card Templates7

This design is especially for people who want it to be simple, stylish and formal.

  • The card has a background of black and white mixed with a green line adding to the beauty of the card. The text is simple and written in contrasting colors.

Creative Business Card template

Best PSD Business Card Templates8

This template gives you a choice to choose from 11 different colors to complement the black background.

  • The look is of a color splashed on the background and looks stunning.
  • Some of the colors like yellow, blue and purple look just stunning.
  • It is a perfect template for people in artistic professions.

Personal business card template

Best PSD Business Card Templates9

This is one template which is perfect if you have a single owner business.

  • The template uses a combination of black and pink colors coupled together beautifully.
  • It is ideal if you have a beauty studios or for personal business cards for females.

Best PSD Business Card Templates

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