30 Best Website Background Images to Increase Attractiveness

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Nowadays, website is must for every business as well as one can also make a website or blog for their personal purposes. It helps in creating your online identity. A website refers to a set of related web pages served from a single web domain. Websites are of two types – Static websites and Dynamic or Interactive websites. Static and Interactive are the two types of websites. An effective website background image creates a long lasting impression. An effective background image leaves a memorable and positive feeling on the people who view these works of art. Large backgrounds make a very impressive visual impact on websites. It has been seen that in order to make website accessible it’s necessary to switch the attractive look of the website to a simple one. The best website background images depend more on the audience and content.

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Categories of the Best Background Images

Images with Story Appeal

  • Website background images should be appealing. It should not be flashy.
  • Evokes curiosity in the readers.

Images which Demonstrate

  • Background image should be exactly match the theme of the site.
  • It expresses force on the readers.

Why should Background Images Be Attractive???

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  • Website with a good background image looks attractive and therefore, people tend to browse around.
  • Background images also grab the attention of the visitors and hold them to the website for some time.
  • An eye-catching site with an animated background image increases prospects of business.
  • An extravagant background image shows that you have a modern approach and this may increase your sales.
  • Website background images also hold the attention of the users due to which your average sales also increases to some extent.

Ways to Increase Attractiveness of Websites by Background Images

The best background images matters a lot in the right perfection of a website. They can make a website more attractive and awesome so that the users can visit that particular website again and again. Here, we describe some points related to background images of a website that can increase the attractiveness of the website.

Follow the Sequence

Maintain a natural order for background image. Background image should be placed in such a way that it should not look awkward and miss-matching.

Images should be Relevant

It is also necessary for a web designer to have a keen look at the website background images. Background image of a website should have some link with the theme of the site otherwise the readers will get totally confused.

Images that Turn off the Readers

Some background images create a wrong impression on the readers. Some of them are listed below:

  • Stock photographs are usually dull and lack imagination cannot be used as a background image. It may be attractive but not effective.
  • Images those are poor in quality due to over-compression, poorly resized or low resolution should be neglected too.
  • Bigger than life-size images of faces seems to be ugly as a background image.
  • Historical subjects related background images seem to be boring for visitors.

Benefits of the Best Website Background Images

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If a website background image is attractive then the readers need not read the content and they may understand the whole scene in pictorial form. Therefore the content in the website need not be long. The main focus in the website is always on the background images. If the background image of the website is attractive then we should think that half our work has been done. Website background image should be such that it should catch one’s eye. This can increase the sales and business prospects. Thus, due care should be taken by the designers while designing the website. They should consider all these things while designing website.

Best Website Background Images


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