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WordPress is one of the widely used CMS by bloggers and web designers. It is easy and simple to use. More than 76 million websites are using wordpress presently. Though wordpress is a good tool for website designing, but you need to look beyond it. You need to search for best wordpress alternatives to design your website in a different way. Here is the list of best wordpress alternatives to look at and you can also go with them.

Best WordPress Alternatives


Best WordPress Alternatives (1)

It is the widely talked wordpress alternative right now. Some of the best features of Ghost are:

  • It is very straight-up positioning software
  • It aims at excelling to become the best blogging platform
  • It has got simple user interface allowing bloggers to compose post without getting distracted by widgets, settings, menus and other options.
  • It is developed in JavaScript using Node.js
  • It is optimized for scalability and performance
  • Ghost is also 678 percent faster than wordpress

One of the disadvantages of Ghost over WordPress is that it is difficult to find a budget hosting for Ghost as it is built using node.js. Though, you can run it on VPS and dedicated servers.


Best WordPress Alternatives (2)

This platform is specially designed for social sharing and blogging. It is very simples to share your blog posts, photo, videos, and links. According to certain stats, users consume 154 minutes on it every day. The audience is mostly male audience in the age group of 18 to 34 years.

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It has got a simple customer interface and offers you with number of useful resources. It is based on PHP, and SQLLite 3. You can also add on images and videos anytime.


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This is one of the best options to create a faster loading website having plain HTML documents. It was created by Tom Preston Werner, who is also the co-founder of Github. Some of its best features are:

  • It is a static website generator
  • It stitches the text files together in order to create static HTML website
  • It is a high performing tool
  • There are nearly negligible chances of hacking it
  • You can even host your website for free using it


Best WordPress Alternatives (5)

This is one of the only open source CMS that is recognized as Python Killer Application. This system is simple and easy to use and is created using Python as programming language.


Best WordPress Alternatives (6)

This is not at all a static generator as referred by most of the people. It is a type of flat CMS that mixes up dynamic and static elements together. Some of its best features are:

  • Your pages are rendered on the fly without the use of relational database system
  • You can also do dynamic things in it
  • It is very biased CMS


Best WordPress Alternatives (7)

This content management system is used for creating websites, web apps, and intranets. Some of its great features are:

  • It is open source CMS and is free to use
  • It is based on framework platform
  • It reduces your overhead with casual programming tasks
  • Enable the developers to write code in structured and logical manner

Google Sites

Best WordPress Alternatives (8)

Google Sites offers you a simple website creation tool. It is very simple and easy to use. You will not find too much of image rich and sharing stuff here.


Best WordPress Alternatives (9)

It is also called as ExpressionEngine and adds on pixel & tonic and developers. Some of its best features are:

  • It aims at bringing simplicity for managing content
  • Its goal is to avoid bloat
  • Most of its core features are available for free

IM Creator

Best WordPress Alternatives (10)

It is an elegant and simple website builder that has enormous range of features like:

  • Mobile friendly templates
  • Wide range of website templates
  • It has several good tutorials to guide you
  • It also offers white label services


Best WordPress Alternatives (11)

Pligg is a free CMS that is helful is creating a social bookmarking websites for free. Visitors from any part of the world can connect to pligg.


Best WordPress Alternatives (12)

It describes itself as a really little CMS. Some of its best features are:

  • You can create your site in your own way and then setup the dynamic components and CMS functionality later on.
  • You can also make few pages of your site dynamic according to your choice
  • It has simple user interface
  • It has got control panel
  • It also has several add-ons available


Best WordPress Alternatives (13)

It is another tool by Google designed for blogging purpose. Some of its best features are:

  • It has automatic Google Analytics options. You need not visit analytics separately to view traffic stats about your website
  • It has social sharing available
  • You can get your adsense account approved here easily


Best WordPress Alternatives (14)

It is a great CMS that is packed with marvelous features. Some of its best features are:

  • You can create e-commerce websites
  • Manage email details
  • Personalize the look of website
  • Different styles and CVS corporation
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