Top 15 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins of 2014

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WordPress is one of the best CMS that is built up with number of security features. There are many spammers crawling over the internet. You need to protect your website using some security plugins. Some of the powerful security plugins to protect your WordPress website from spam comments are as follows. You must install Best WordPress Captcha plugins and protect your site from spam commenter to large extent.

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins1.2

Best WordPress Captcha Plugin


Best WordPress Captcha Plugins1

It is a great plugin that enables the security captcha to different types of forms that are readily available for the WordPress site like registration form, login form, and comment forms. Other features of this plugin are:

  • It protects the site from spam bots with the help of math logic
  • If visitor needs to access your site, he/she needs to solve a math calculation

Blue Captcha

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins2

One of the greatest features of this plugin is that you can disable or enable it for logins, comments, registration forms, and even password recovery forms.

  • Plugin has section of IP records of people commenting on site
  • It also detects the successful and unsuccessful attempts that user makes while login your site or commenting there
  • You can set the difficulty level of captcha


Best WordPress Captcha Plugins3

This plugin is compatible with WordPress and also offers anti-spam solution to the site of different niches.

  • It comes with 4 different variants
  • It can be added to comments form and registration form to enroll visitor in little mathematical calculation

Are you a Human

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins4

It is a free captcha plugin that can protect your website from the bots. Some of its features are:

  • It has got game based Captcha for the users
  • You can put the captcha on gravity forms, Contact forms, login forms etc.

SI Captcha Anti-Spam

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins5

This plugin will provide a great security to your website by disallowing the spam bots to enter your website.

  • This plugin is friendly with several WordPress plugin like WPMU, WP, and BuddyPress
  • Users can configure their website captcha style on different forms

Visual Captcha Plugin

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins6

This is a go-to captcha solution for the website owners. Some of its features are:

  • It is mobile friendly
  • It is retina ready plugin
  • It can never be broke by bot

AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins7

You can install this powerful plugin if spammers are troubling you. Some good features of this plugin are:

  • It has spam filters that restrict the spam bots to enter your website
  • It secures all your website page
  • It has different types of captcha like Captcha Artistica, Captcha Classica, Captcha Musica, and Captcha Literacha.

WP Recaptcha

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins8

It is a popular Captcha plugin for site owners. It is easily accessible by people. Some of its features are:

  • Its captcha is easily readable
  • It also have an audio challenge

Secure Captcha

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins9

This is the plugin that allows you to protect the site from bots by putting on the captcha test in login forms, registration forms and other type of forms.

Plus Captcha

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins10

This is a solution to protection from spammers and bots. It is easy to install and have some great features:

  • It is easy to install and setup
  • It has automatic account generation
  • It has low bounce percentage

Botdetect WordPress Captcha

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins11

It is another powerful security plugin that aids the site with exceptional security by displaying captcha for different operations.

  • The visitor can only perform operation on your site after he or she pass the captcha test
  • This plugin works on registration form, comment form, and WordPress login
  • This plugin can be customized by the site administrator by setting images, adding colors etc


Best WordPress Captcha Plugins12

This is another free captcha plugin that is easy to use and offers several features like:

  • It is highly customizable
  • It is compatible with Contact Form 7 and Buddypress

Easy Captcha

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins13

This is the plugin that has 3 different types of captcha including simple image captcha, hidden captcha, and Google reCaptcha.

  • The website owner can prevent spam bots to enter website by using this plugin
  • Users can provide different captcha option on each webpage

Really Simple Captcha

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins14

This plugin is best when used with contact form 7. It is simple captcha plugin.

  • The captcha numbers are easy to read
  • It has an average level of security

Sweet Captcha

Best WordPress Captcha Plugins15

This is a user friendly captcha plugin that has got a funny design.

  • You can integrate this plugin into various forms like login form, password recovery form etc.
  • You can make interactive for foreign visitors as you can translate it to 17 widely spoken languages of the world
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