Top 15 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks: 2014

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If you are looking ahead with WordPress theme development then WordPress theme frameworks will help you out in theme development. It is always great to work with such framework to design a theme according to the requirements of your client. If you are looking to find WordPress theme framework then here is the best list of the collection:

Best WordPress Theme Frameworks1.2

Best WordPress theme frameworks


Best WordPress Theme Frameworks1

It is a drag and drop website builder and easy to use framework. It will be perfect for a non developer and a developer too. You can customize your every detail using this framework. Some of its powerful features are:

  • It has got a responsive and customizable layout
  • You can easily adjust the colors and background
  • It has been built using CSS 3 and HTML 5 codes
  • It is SEO friendly
  • It is one of the best drag and drop format

Elegant Themes

Best WordPress Theme Frameworks2

It is a powerful WordPress theme framework that has more than 85 high quality themes for the users. It supports visual drag and drop option. It is a good tool to structure your content.

Pagelines DMS

Best WordPress Theme Frameworks3

It is a free theme framework that comes with drag and drop feature. Some powerful features of this framework are:

  • It is mobile friendly and make use of responsive grid layout
  • It has got a drag and drop functionality
  • You can even make use of free and premium extensions from Pagelines
  • You can integrate the social networks
  • You can change the design, style and typography easily

Dynamik Website Builder

Best WordPress Theme Frameworks4

This is the framework with high security and fast loading time. It is basically a visual editor for WordPress. Some of its good features are:

  • It is SEO friendly
  • You can easily create your own layouts for the site


Best WordPress Theme Frameworks5

It can be used to develop WordPress sites speedily with different layouts. It offers a powerful layout editor to you. You can easily insert different modules, HTML codes, Widgets etc. to your website.


Best WordPress Theme Frameworks6

It is another drag and drop WordPress framework that makes it easy for you to arrange the content. It has got abstract widget style and has several more features like:

  • It is optimized to be used on different browsers and mobile devices
  • You can even make use of shortcodes
  • It supports different post types

Tesla Themes

Best WordPress Theme Frameworks7

It is a custom made theme framework. You just need to upload the set of files to utilize this framework. Some of its good features are:

  • You can upload the images, add favicon and set default color to the website
  • You can add contact information and modify social icons too


Best WordPress Theme Frameworks8

This is another popular framework for WordPress websites. It is the best choice for eCommerce website users. It is a leading eCommerce platform that is widely used for WordPress.


Best WordPress Theme Frameworks9

Using this theme framework, you do not require any knowledge to create websites. This framework is easy to use and will help you to create a dynamic website step by step. Some of its good features are:

  • You can change color, background, logo, header etc. easily
  • It has more than 80 builder themes


Best WordPress Theme Frameworks10

The gantry framework is just an updatable file that will update this framework to the latest version and will work on the latest version of WordPress. You are not allowed to change the file contents easily.

Thesis 2.0

Best WordPress Theme Frameworks11

It is a do it yourself theme framework that is especially designed for the bloggers. Some of its great features are as follows:

  • It offers you social media integration
  • It has got different skins and site tools
  • The design is highly responsive and developer friendly
  • It is a great framework for bloggers


Best WordPress Theme Frameworks12

This is a powerful theme framework for WordPress that offers you an infinite customization opportunity. It has number of child themes and has built in page templates with strong theme panel and different options.


Best WordPress Theme Frameworks13

It is an ultimate drag and drop theme framework for WordPress users. It comes with powerful builder that helps you to create custom layouts and modify the theme as per your needs.

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