20 Different Shades of Blue Color Names

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Blue color is an extremely radiant and bright color that has different stories and meaning associated with it. This color symbolizes tranquility and loyalty. Blue is mainly the color of sky and deep sea. It is related to confidence, harmony and trust. This color is the choice of most of the population and it primarily highlights emotions of a person. The color blue and its shades can even define traits of a person if he or she chooses it as their favorite color. The color can charm people and influence their decisions. It has a placid and unflustered appearance that fills the ambience around with comfort and serenity. The magnificent shades of blue color names help you discover peace and truth and graces your life with moral values and principles.

Blue has numerous shades and each has enormous potential to narrate different tales of character. The choice of this color gives a clear and lucid notion about the person. A person whose favorite color is blue is sincere and honest. He knows to respect relations and cherish them till the end. This color is also used in embellishing interiors of houses. Gorgeous Blue furnitures and lavish blue carpets give a tremendous classy look to your house. It also reflects the goodness and optimism in the dwellers and spreads peace and harmony in every nook and corner. Hence it is a great interior decoration option.

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The use of color Blue and its shades are not confined to interiors and furnitures. It has diverse uses in clothing and accessories too. Blue apparels on light skin tones make give an enticing and ravishing appearance that is bound to captivate the attention of millions. People generally select the Blue and its shades for their kids. Its brightness and placidity gives a charming look to the toddlers. Traditionally blue was worn by noble men and affluent people of society. Apart from clothing and attires the color is used in other spheres of life. Blue Sapphire is a stone that has many astrological benefits. It signifies prosperity and success. Its astrological significance is prominently recognized and hence many people use this stone to beautify their lives.

Blue and its different shades find applications in a various fields. Its primary significance is the description of a person’s nature or character but it also plays a vital role in shaping lives of people. It has its own distinct charm that works miraculously to spellbinding people and creates an aura of calmness and reliability all around. The 20 different shades of color Blue are given as follows:

Shades of Blue Color Names

Air Superiority Blue- a dark shade of blue

Shades of Blue Color Names1

Glaucous- a calm and graceful shade

Shades of Blue Color Names2

Non-Photo Blue- a very light shade of blue symbolizing peace

Shades of Blue Color Names3

Medium Persian Blue- a soothing shade of blue

Shades of Blue Color Names4

Dark Sky Blue- the color of sky with brighter tone

Shades of Blue Color Names5

Sapphire Blue- this shade of blue mainly reflects astrological significance

Shades of Blue Color Names6

Navy Blue- an extreme dark shade of Blue

Shades of Blue Color Names7

Vivid Sky Blue- a very calm shade

Shades of Blue Color Names8

Baby Blue- one of the pastel colors

Shades of Blue Color Names9

Munsell- a pure light blue shade

Shades of Blue Color Names10

Powder Blue- a very faint shade of blue

Shades of Blue Color Names11

Periwinkle Blue- this shade is also known as lavender blue

Shades of Blue Color Names12

Pantone- it resembles the navy blue shade of blue

Shades of Blue Color Names13

Crayola- an unique blue shade

Shades of Blue Color Names14

Liberty Blue- an elegant shade of Blue

Shades of Blue Color Names15

Dark Blue- this is another dark shade of Blue color

Shades of Blue Color Names16

Midnight Blue- a beautiful shade of blue

Shades of Blue Color Names17

Ultramarine- a very captivating striking blue shade

Shades of Blue Color Names18

Egyptian Blue- a traditional shade of blue mainly used in ancient Egypt.

Shades of Blue Color Names19

Vista Blue- a combined shade of Blue with another color

Shades of Blue Color Names20

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