Top 10 Essential Things to add in Your Website

Essential Things to add in Your Website1.2

Your website is important part of your online advertisement campaign. Website design is never an easier thing to do no matter how much experience you have in convincing your potential customers through your communication skills but when it comes to designing an effective website, it can be a big challenge. There are some crucial elements present in any website in its design and structure which could affect its performance and popularity.


In order to ensure you have a good return to your website, you must make sure that you take the following factors into account by making sure that you have essential things to add in your website.

Essential Things to add in Your Website

Adding OpenSearch to your website

Essential Things to add in Your Website1

Most of the popular websites available on internet have address bar on top right corner which can help search anything directly from that particular website.

  • This reduces effort of user to open Google search option.
  • It can help user search for related pages from your website.

RSS feeds

Essential Things to add in Your Website2

RSS feeds are another important option chosen by most of the popular websites and there is a section of internet users who prefer to read stories in RSS clients.

Add Blog option

Essential Things to add in Your Website3

A blog option gives you the chance to add anything to your website, start an open conversation with your website visitors and help solve their query if any.

  • This adds the human element to a company website and gives opportunity to showcase their knowledge and products.
  • Blogging platform allows visitors to comment and add author post. This is also a popular method of online advertisement.

More Mobile friendly website

Essential Things to add in Your Website4

One key thing which is missed by most of the website designers is that the website must be user friendly across all type of browsers. It must have cross browser compatibility. Also around 50-60% of internet users are now accessing through mobile phones, so you need to make sure that your website is compatible mobile application and users must be able to access the website easily through internet. You can also publish your website in Google chrome store. Chrome has millions of users across the world and it is easy to write a chrome app for your website which you can publish in the chrome web store.

Social marking and social marketing

Essential Things to add in Your Website5

Any content published in your website could be made more relevant by making sharing it or adding it to any social networking website. It is important to link your website content to social book marking services.

  • Popular social book marking services could be used to place social book marking links to your website which allows visitors to add to your website to their list of social book marks and it could be another way to endorse your product.
  • Social marketing is an important way to popularize and increase traffic to your website. This can also help in search engine optimization your website.

QR codes to your print style sheet

Scanning QR code with mobile phone

With this option you can link the paper with the source. QR codes can tweak to your print CSS and get appended whenever someone prints a page from your website.

Twitter and News feed

Essential Things to add in Your Website7

Twitter is micro-blogging platform which allows you send and receive short messages.

  • It allows you to communicate or converse with your customers or visitors to your website and secondly it allows other people to sit on these conversations and find out what you’re saying.
  • Twitter is an important way to build your website campaign and it is a useful way to spread awareness of your website.

Add a Home Screen call out option

Essential Things to add in Your Website8

You can add functionality to your website with which you can add shortcuts to websites and this option works with most of the web browsers and OS platforms. The home screen tab used on the website shall direct the users to home page, without having to press the back buttons repeatedly thus proving to be a lot convenient to the users.

Reviews and testimonial options

Essential Things to add in Your Website9

If you allow your customers to give recommendations or reviews about your product and service, then this adds real weight to your saying. Genuine reviews and testimonials add valuable content to your website.

  • If you are seeing products online, you need to have proper feedback mechanism with which you can know about end user experience and change as per the requirements.
  • The site can be modified in any manner as desired by the user or visitor of the site.

Adding touch icons

Essential Things to add in Your Website10

You must upload touch icons to your website and place a shortcut to your website on mobile screen. The icons can quickly relate to your brand and can be accessed much easily than before.

It takes only few minutes to design a useful website but it take a long time to create it more user friendly website which people love to access. It is important to make sure that you add essential things to add in your website so that your website could be successful and help in your business modifications.

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