How to Make Your Website Trustworthy for Visitors

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy for Visitors1.2

Creating a website had become a trend these days. Big and small businesses are coming online to spread their business around the world. Even people like you and me are creating websites or blogs giving some of the valuable information to people. The world is moving fast and adapting this change rapidly. But if you want to gain regular and permanent visitors to your website then you need to create a trustworthy website. How to make your website trustworthy for the visitors? This question might be irritating you. But in this article you will find its solution.

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy for Visitors1.1

There are number of ways to make your website trustworthy for the visitors. You can increase the trust flow of the visitors to your website by providing quality information to people for what they are searching for. If a user gets good information on your website, then he/she will definitely visit you website for next time whenever he/she is seeking for quality information. So here are some important tips to make your website trustworthy for the visitors.

Tips to make your website trustworthy for the visitors

Show the visitors who you are

If you have an e-commerce portal and asking people to send money for the product or the service you are offering then you should make sure that they should know about you. This can be done in following manner:

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy for Visitors1

  • Create an About Us page for your website sharing your company information, a legal proof, and other necessary details
  • Create a Contact Us page so that user can contact you or any other member of your team to get his/her query solved

Show visitors how you are different from others

There are number of website all over the web. You need to be a little different. This will let more user engagement on your website. You can show your visitors that you are different by:

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy for Visitors2

  • Providing a special and better offer to the visitor than your competitors
  • Writing quality and informative content
  • Writing something unique that user can find only on your blog

Show People Testimonials and Reviews

You can display the testimonials of users of your website and review of the website on the front page of your website. The positive testimonials and review by the users will help you to gain the trust of new visitor and engage him/her in your website activity.


Give a Privacy Policy Page

The visitor must be fully satisfied that there is no harm in browsing through your website. Most of the users may read the privacy policy page. It should be created in a manner to satisfy the users. (Image via: Shutterstock)

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy for Visitors4

  • Mention the safety of user information
  • Also mention that user is completely safe while browsing your website
  • Mention that you provide up to the mark information based on quality sources and all other things that you can to win trust of users.

Give it a professional Look

A clean and professional look of the website always wins the heart of visitors. Sometimes the websites that are too messy irritates the users and the visitor flew away from that website to other.

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy for Visitors5

  • Try to keep the website as simple as you can
  • Use a good responsive theme that loads fast
  • Avoid mess on website
  • Do not include too much pop ups
  • Do not advertise in a manner that the visitor get irritated

Connect your website with your Social pages

Connecting your website with the social pages like that of Twitter, Google +, and Facebook is a good idea. Visitors may build a trust seeing the number of followers to your website through social accounts.

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy for Visitors6

  • You should have social icons on header, sidebar, or footer of your website
  • Promote your website on social networks to reach more followers

Be Consistent

Your work on your website must be consistent so that a visitor having the habit of reading about new things consistently does not leave your website.

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy for Visitors7

  • Write the new content on website on a regular basis
  • The content quality must not be compromised with number of article every day or a week

Never leave the visitors thinking for more

You should write the content in order to give complete information to the visitors. Never write the content to attract the visitors.

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy for Visitors8

  • You should write the content to give a quality information to user and to satisfy the reader
  • This will not leave him/her asking for more information

So these were some common ways that you can follow to improve the trust flow of your website in eyes of visitors. A good website always attracts number of visitors. The trust of the reader will only increase with time and with the information that you deliver on your website.

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