Kiss Me Deadly – 40+ Sensual Photos of Top Lingerie Models


Fashion Photography is work of art with light and Gorgeous Models and if this photography is about Bikini’s then you can’t image the mixture of heat and creativity. The bikini-clad models wowed as they stepped out on the sunshine-soaked sandy beach or in a cosy bedroom, looking more effortless than ever, positively sizzling. It is believed that your photographs could tell more about you then yourself, showing off their willowy, tanned and toned limbs with panache. That’s why we have decided to give a strange title to our article which is “Kiss Me Deadly – 40+ Sensual and Sexy Photos of Top Lingerie Models

Showcased models in this post  donned a bikini, presumably from a new line at the famous lingerie retailers so you can get some ideas for summer beach cloth shopping to be used on next holidays and don’t forget to by some trendy sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright rays as well. These two things will give you a perfect look, which is mix of sweet and sexy in lilac number with slightly athletic details across the bust and trendy glasses on face. And, while most people would have indulged over the recent Christmas and New Year period, the ladies have clearly not been overdoing it on the treats in recent weeks, as their figures looked better than ever for upcoming summer.

And the best option to enhance your home wall is with Fashion Photography. What makes Portraits Photography different from other photography? Portraits Photography usually depicts personality, expression and mood of the subject. Unlike the other photography that focuses on background and the body the focus center of Portraits Photography is the person’s face. Therefore it is the time you beautify your vacant walls of your home with some of your glamorous portraits. Here are the few ideas that you could follow to give a change transformation to your dull walls.

You are ready with your latest DSLR camera and fancy studio lights but lacking with subject. For a Fashion portraits photography, a beautiful subject is intense important. After the advance camera and the background lighting the third thing that counts for portrait is how your subject looks. Lack of “proper” subject makes this goal unattainable.


Style: "Blush fall09"

Underwear Girls  4

Miranda Kerr, She is clearly enjoying the cooling sea breeze with a perfect smile and stunning two piece bikini, light brunette tresses flow behind her, seriously upping the glamour factor on the photo shot.l

S09 Swim 1

S09 Swim 2

S09 Swim 2

Underwear Girls  5

Underwear Girls  25

Underwear Girls  26

Assure that your beautiful subject have proper hairstyle, expressions, makeup, and outfits. Ask your subject put bright and solid color if vintage is not your theme.

Style: "Blush fall09"

Underwear Girls  48

Brazilian stalwart Alessandra worked a candy pink bikini, displaying her impossibly enviable physique with the ease of a seasoned professional.

Style: "Good Blue"

Underwear Girls  7

Underwear Girls  8

Underwear Girls  9

Style: "Blush fall09"

Underwear Girls  43

Underwear Girls  29

Underwear Girls  30

Underwear Girls  11

Style: "Blush fall09"

Underwear Girls  14

Underwear Girls  33

Underwear Girls  34

Style: "Disabled"

Underwear Girls  38

Underwear Girls  39

Underwear Girls  17

Alessandra’s sexy beach snap and her “Tweet” on  Twitter: ‘A day at the beach restores the soul.’

Underwear Girls  18

S09 Swim 1

S09 Web Early Swim

Underwear Girls  21

S09 Swim 1

Style: "Blush fall09"

Anna Wasacz-Carter in her black lingerie dress sitting alone flaunting her lithe curves with gorgeous – Giving an impression waiting her love one to come home.

Underwear Girls  2

Underwear Girls  27

To make your subject look beautiful in the portrait it is equally important to adorn your subject. Since we are taking about Fashion portraits, therefore your subject are human and image if they are Gorgeous top lingerie model – OMG

Underwear Girls  46

Underwear Girls  28

Underwear Girls  31

Underwear Girls  32

Underwear Girls  35

Underwear Girls  41

Underwear Girls  45


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