Ten Must Watch Movies for Tech savvy

Must Watch Movies for Tech savvy1.1

As our world not witnessing some of the amazing technology revolutions these days, the main inspiration comes with movies as well. In fact, in the world of our movies, technology has been ahead of our present time. There are various concepts which we can see in a movie, although not really possible right now in present time but sure sometime in future.

Must Watch Movies for Tech savvypage

Movies provide us the opportunity to think beyond our imaginations and help us dig deep and portray our creative imaginations into a movie using graphics and innovative computer special effects. Techno savvy people are mostly not really interested into watching too many movies and prefer more technology centric movies. If you are a tech savvy geek and looking to watch some movies which could satisfy your hunger for technology, here we have provided list of top ten must Watch Movies for Tech savvy.

Must Watch Movies for Tech savvy

Tron (1982)

The movie showed how computers were portrayed on screen and how computers and real time technology can be used to create motion picture. It as a major breakthrough for movie making as many mind blowing graphics were used in the film making.

  • The movie although never got the reception it received but it definitely showed how technology can be used.
  • Geeks were specifically enthralled at the movie and many wished they could enter someday into a computer game.


Matrix has been absolutely thrilling and compelling science fiction movie. It has all the recipes of a hit movie and with the use of special effects, the movie stole the show.

  • The movie was quintessential when it comes to film making, graphics and story line. The crux of the plot showed how humans can jump from one reality to other using science fictions gadgets.
  • A Must Watch Movies for Tech savvy specifically as there were so many actions, adventure, science and story involved.

Minority report

The movie displays the story of a police department of pre-crime, which can arrest people before they actually commit any type of serious crime.

  • Steven Spielberg has been using technology in every movie which he makes and there were so many critical points in this movie which touches technology and human nature both at the same time.
  • Minority report movie certainly can attract or influence people are interested in technology and future.

Iron Man

This superhero movie is more about how a person able to make a robot during the dire needs to survive a terrorist hijack

  • A Must Watch Movies for Tech savvy specially with graphics, design, concept and movie making.
  • The film boosts with special effects and well fleshed character of Iron man played by Robert Downey Jr.

The Social Network (2010)

The movie does not have any special effects for techno savvy people but it is story about a software tech genius Mark Zuckerberg. The story conceptualizes Modern generation thinking about how a software engineer or a code expert can create a billion dollar company with one single idea and innovation.


  • The movie stands tall as one of the most amazing tech savvy movie and favouraite amongst youngsters.
  • The film has casts including Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake and directed with amazing storyline.

Avatar (2009)

The film was top grossing and became a blockbuster of all time. This movie introduced the revolution with concept of 3-D graphics.

  • In the modern era of science fiction, Avatar stands all with amazing thrilling graphics and use of technology.
  • The plot of the movie centers the idea of alien planet where aliens and humans fight for existence. In this movie, the Avatars of those aliens were controlled by Humans who use technology to take advantage of other species.


Animation movies have been a hit among tech savvy generation and one which steals the show is Wall-E

  • Disney’s story revolves around about a robot who is left behind on earth to do clean up job.
  • The movie boasts animation and also concept in the movie is amazing.

Back to the future (1985)

It is one such movie which triggers a thought about using a time machine to visit the future. The movie was shot in 80’s and first time the thought about using a time machine was introduced.

  • The movie portrays the emotions and journey of an inventor.
  • The movie created a technology buzz with many new concepts and thought provoking ideas.

ET (Extra Terrestrial)

For the first time the aliens were portrayed in amazing way. The movie was a hit among young children and the way aliens were shown on screen was amazing by Steven Spielberg.


This movie needs no introduction. Terminator uses the concept of near future when world would be ruled by machines and how humans would survive it.

  • The movie has been shot in four sequels and has concept of different robots with special powers.
  • The movie provokes a thought about technology could destroy human lives if not controlled in better ways.


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