20 Responsive One Page Joomla Templates

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates1.1

Nowadays, website is the real and online representation of any business. It effectively increases the growth of your business. Earlier, website developing and website designing is a very tough task for anyone, but due to the advancement in the technology, it becomes easier for anyone to make or design a website to their choices. Now, you can easily design a website with the help of many content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more.

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates1.2

Joomla is one of the best CMS and it provides you a better & easy platform so that one does not require any kind of coding or developing knowledge to make or design a website or blog. There are also so many Joomla templates available on the internet due to which one can design a website in no time. The templates are responsive one page Joomla templates which add an unique feature of responsiveness in your website so that your website will be compatible for all the gadgets like laptops, computer system, tablets, smart phones, etc.

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates


Responsive One Page Joomla Templates1

It is a simple one page Joomla template having great typography. It is also featured with bootstrap. You can easily customize this template according to your needs.

  • It gives a trendy look to your website.
  • It has numerous of integrated short codes.


Responsive One Page Joomla Templates2

It is a very good and creative one page Joomla template for many web designing companies and freelancers. This template is perfect for designing your portfolio.

Shaper OnePage

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates3

It is a perfect, fully responsive and sleek Joomla template for you. You can design any type of website like corporate, freelancer, portfolio, business, etc.; with the help of this amazing template.

  • It is an amazing slider template.
  • It also supports double menus functionality.


Responsive One Page Joomla Templates4

It is another 100% responsive CSS3 and HTML5 enabled one page Joomla template. The main feature of this template is that it is perfect for all kinds of corporate and professional designs.


Responsive One Page Joomla Templates5

It is also one of the best examples of one page Joomla templates for web designers. They generally used this template to give an awesome design and impress their clients.

  • It is featured with lots of amazing customize options.
  • It also supports numerous of Google fonts and colors.

BT One Page

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates6

The main feature of this template is that it supports three polished interfaces. This one page Joomla template is perfect for giving Christmas and retro designs to the websites.


Responsive One Page Joomla Templates7

It is a beautifully designed one page Joomla template for you. This template is based on the Gantry framework and also has various jquery scripts. It is a parallax and vibrant Joomla template.

  • This template can be used for both personal and professional purposes.
  • It has unlimited customize options.


Responsive One Page Joomla Templates8

It is a retina based fully responsive Joomla one page template. You can also create multi-pages portfolio designed website as this template is fully compatible with multi-pages functionality.

JA One Page

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates9

This template runs of Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 platforms. It is also compatible for T3 framework on Joomla Art. It is a very good and simple one page Joomla template.

  • It has tons of customization options at back end.
  • It gives a creative look to your website.


Responsive One Page Joomla Templates10

It is a stylish and modern Joomla template. The color combination of this template is awesome and it comes with different layouts & styles.

TD Creative

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates11

It is a premium one page Joomla template based on bootstrap 3. It gives a professional and clean look to your website. It is perfectly suits for portfolio and agencies based web designs.

  • It is a retina ready one page Joomla template.
  • It also has a variety of extensions and features.


Responsive One Page Joomla Templates12

It is one of the latest one page Joomla templates with lots of new and amazing features. It gives a trendy look to your website.

Noo Noone

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates13

This template runs on T3V3 framework. It has various eye catching effects and it is elegantly designed with CSS3 and HTML5.

  • It is simple but creative template.
  • The navigation of this template is smooth.


Responsive One Page Joomla Templates14

This template is specially designed for Android or iPhone app style website. You can make a selling portal with the help of this template.

Simple Key

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates15

It is a multi-purpose Joomla template for you. It has various designing options so that you can create some amazing web designs for your clients.

Shaper Xeon

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates16

It is a premium quality Joomla template and it has an amazing scrolling option. It is compatible for bot Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0.

My Folio

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates17

It is a retina based Joomla template. It is divided in various blocks. The main feature of this template is that it is mobile optimized template.

JSN Yoyo

Responsive One Page Joomla Templates18

It comes with super support and anyone can design a stunning website with the help of this template. It gives a brand new experience to the viewers.


Responsive One Page Joomla Templates19

It is another versatile one page Joomla template in this list. Social sharing buttons also make this template cool and creative for freelance web designers.


Responsive One Page Joomla Templates20

It is featured with smart responsive grid so that your website will run exactly same on all devices. It comes with a Twitter bootstrap 3.0.

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