Sexuality as a way to Express yourself – 40 Female Fashion Photography

Lip X

Since from the origin of mankind, Female’s are attractive to men as Sexuality is diverse, and deeply personal sometimes. Having feeling towards female’s or opposite sex is natural and understanding our feelings and attractions we feel towards other sex creates a kind of both between each other. There are different types of sexuality, and it can take time to figure out what fits right with you. If someone is giving you a hard time about your sexuality, find out what to do and who you can talk to but one major question comes into your mind, what does Sexuality means? then the answer is very simple its a kind of attraction or feeling to other people of opposite or same sex – can be any relation or no relation to each other with the sexual thoughts and feelings.

Today showcased Sexuality in Female Portraits as a way to Express yourself which are related to the Emotive, Expressive and fashion photography and it sub category “Boudoir Photography” and “Emotive Photography” to large extent. Sensual Female Portraits photography is commercial and very popular, mostly it is used magazines and editorials. This type of photography is mostly about object and the object is “Female” models – Who pose sensually to make photograph visually beautiful and sexual as the focus is on the woman.

It is also used in the field of endorsement. It is generally done in studios or at perfect scenery locations. The makeup artists, hair stylists, photographer are present with their team to give adjustments and poses to the woman, who is being captured. These photographs after being clicked goes through the digital touching to make them look more appealing and hot. All the abnormalities in the woman’s body are hidden in this kind of photography.

Sexuality as a way to Express yourself in Portraits

Anna IV by DeHavenDigital


Slayer by DeHavenDigital


Buee in shower by abclic

Buee in shower

Princess… by SnezhanaMorozova


Irina by SnezhanaMorozova


Lust and Luxury by Miss-Madria

Lust and Luxury

The Steam Room by Miss-Madria

The Steam Room

Simple Life by AdamGaverluk

Simple Life

Brigi by Norrington1


Dawn at the abandoned bulb factory by Norrington1

Dawn at the abandoned bulb factory

Wild Flower by AdamGaverluk

wild flower

Rebel by Daturanoire


Country road by DmitryElizarov

Country road

Pinky rhyme by DmitryElizarov

Pinky rhyme

Shopping girl by PhotoYoung

Shopping girl

Holiday by PhotoYoung


Louana and Appache by abclic

Louana and Appache

California FFH 511 by abclic

california FFH 511

Red umbrella by abclic

Red umbrella

Tourbillon 10 by abclic

Tourbillon 10

Butterfly by karen-abramyan


Stronger by karen-abramyan

Stronger me

One expectation by karen-abramyan

One expectation

Sad melody by karen-abramyan

Sad melody

sexuality as a way of by karen-abramyan

sexuality as a way of

Old street by karen-abramyan

Old street

Bella by karen-abramyan


black lingerie by baineann

black lingerie

relaxing on the couch by karen-abramyan

relaxing on the couch

Itch for love by DmitryElizarov

Itch for love

complicated love by michalobrzut

complicated love

Guess by shauntiamodel


everything is changing by StefanBeutler

everything is changing

CORINTHIANS by krisjosef


Katya topless by spasib0

Katya topless

karen in kitchen by karen-abramyan

karen in kitchen

Lip X by DeHavenDigital

Lip X

*Lace Net Dress** by karen-abramyan

lace dress

CANCUN by krisjosef



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