40 Creative and Sexy Beach Photography Examples

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The most photographed scene in today’s world is a scene from the beach. The reason why a local beach scene looks beautiful is due to the nature, water, people are relaxed and having fun. A beach photography can be either landscape photography, portrait photography or the combination or both of them.

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How to get the best Pictures in Beach photography

Beach photography is about the motion photography. The water or people are always in motion, so you need to keep the amount of motion in mind. The lesser the movement of water, the more are the chances to improve your photography. Light is not always your best friend in beach photography. We are accustomed to seeing bright sunlight images in beach photos but if it is about clicking pictures of white sand, the best time to shoot is early morning or evening when light hits the sand obliquely, resulting in lesser glare and harshness. Even cloudy settings on your camera can also enable you to take great images. You can also try taking black and white photos.

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While photographing objects or people present on the beach, one must remember that you have flat background. Also you need to focus on subject by setting tone and mood of the picture. If you are trying to capture images with, you can use wide angle lens. If you are shooting at beach, wider angle lenses can help you keep everything, from water to rocky headland. Beach photography is really the matter of perspective and the best way to learn it by using the flatness of land and water to your advantage and just keep experimenting with distances and depth of field.

Sexy Beach Photography Examples

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Tips for Beach Photography

Any photographer loves to click pictures of beaches and nature. Beach photography can be challenging even for nature photographers. It is easy to be distracted in such an open space so the idea is to encapsulate the feeling of surrounding. There are some ways with which you can add impact to your pictures. Simple tricks include the following.

  • Choose time of the day: A landscape photographer knows that the best time of the day is during early and later in the afternoon for outdoor photos. One of the best times to click Sexy Beach Photography Example is during the time when sunlight is soft and shines on the objects more evenly. This is even more critical at the beach if you have white sand as it gives more high contrast photos. The froth of the water edge up the light like bubbles and complete photo can be rich with atmosphere.

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  • Get down to the water edges: To get the best of the pictures, you need to get your feet wet. If the sand is wet, your foregrounds will be more colored. If you wipe clean the footprints, tire tracks and other distractions can spoil the overall look of a beach photo. This way you can discover reflections which add interest to plain foregrounds.

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  • Find Feature Around You: To capture an eye catching feature, you must try to find a feature which you can build composition around. Many beaches have amazing rocks and white sands with a clear blue sky. So you can head towards finding a beautiful composition. Not only pictures have a strong focal point but they also have a strong appeal for viewers who can identify similar features in the image. Once you start looking for the features which interests you with beautiful compositions, shells, flags, and rocks or wood, it will help you create a perfect portrait.

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  • Use the Sky: Sexy Beach Photography Examples look amazing if you can capture it with a beautiful sky. A great cloud formation can give a new dimension to your existing photo especially if you cannot seem to find anything interesting in the background or foreground. If you have patience and luck, overcast will not despair and you can encounter sunbeams radiating in the sea and rising behind clouds.

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  • Using Wide Angle Lens: The best way to capture distance and isolated images is to use a wide angle lens. You can capture any type of picture during beach photography. Wider scene of camera can give you the best type of picture. It is not always the only option to choose but compared to small lens photography, a wide lens can help you capture the smallest things with more clarity.

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If you are looking to start with beach photography, you can start by just roaming around in the beach with your camera and this adventure will never end. You will never be tired of taking pictures while roaming around in the beach as the nature, wind and sunlight gives you the perfect place to chill out and take best pictures. All you need to do is carry your favorite lens camera and start clicking.

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