20 Shades of Green Color Names: For Designers

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The elegant color green marks life, enthusiasm, renewal and hopes. It symbolizes cheerfulness and inspiration to embark on new aspects of life. It is the color of leaves and grasses that marks the inception of freshness and indicates positive energy and growth. There are different shades of green that are formed from the amalgamation of color green with other colors. These shades surround us and form a world of green trees, meadows, grasses and bushes. These shades not only dominate nature but also play an aesthetic role in our materialistic lives. It forms an ideal background in our homes, workplace and recreational spots. Shades of green color names are used to embellish our lives with marvelous accessories, fashion, house interiors and many more objects around.

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A wide range of green shades are used in clothes and apparels. It has become a part of the fad. Light toned people usually prefer this shade on attires and accessories as its bright shade compliments the skin tone and give a gorgeous look. Hence dark shades or green are generally used in fabrics and textiles. Deep-green makes space for sexy cocktail attires and graceful jewelries. Stones like emerald have the green shade which has certain astrological meaning to it. It is graced with a rich and long history far beyond the fad world. Shades of green have been used by many countries in their flags. It is mainly used by the Islamic nations as the color green is pious color of their religion.

The color green and its shades have dilated its beauty in different niches of life. People use this color to in interior decoration of rooms to revitalize the excitement and energy of the dwellers. It also marks the dawn of success and prosperity and hence used to paint many interiors. Green curtains and carpets make a spectacular show in interiors. The uses of the color green and its shades are used in almost all spheres of life. It mainly signifies well-being and welcomes positive vibes. But there are negative notions associated with shades of green. It is often used in terms like green eyed monster which indicates envy or jealousy that reflects a negative trait of a person. Similarly green around gills depicts pale and sickness of health. Green and its shades have different connotations are hence used in different places according to the requirement. The shades of green play a significant role in our lives and also affect our thoughts and actions. Hence each shade must be chosen according to our need and desire.

Shades of Green Color Names

    1. Dark Green- bright and radiant shade of green

Shades of Green Color Names1

    1. Fern Green- mainly resembles the color of fern

Shades of Green Color Names2

    1. Light Green- symbolizes well-being and good health

Shades of Green Color Names3

    1. Islamic Green- sacred color related to the holy religion Islam

Shades of Green Color Names4

    1. Yellowish Green- a combination that indicated enthusiasm and hope

Shades of Green Color Names5

    1. Forest Green- mainly the color of forests.

Shades of Green Color Names6

    1. Moss Green- shade of green that represents the tone of mosses

Shades of Green Color Names7

    1. Pine Green- a very rich shade of spring green

Shades of Green Color Names8

    1. Tea Green- an elegant color

Shades of Green Color Names9

    1. Irish Green- a greenish tone that symbolizes Ireland

Shades of Green Color Names10

    1. Mint Green- represents a pale tint of green

Shades of Green Color Names11

    1. Lime Green- a very light shade of green

Shades of Green Color Names12

    1. Lawn-Green – represents a radiant green color especially of bushes and meadows

Shades of Green Color Names13

    1. Harlequin- a soft shade of green. Basically represents a lighter green tone

Shades of Green Color Names14

    1. Laurel green- medium light shade of green. Somewhat greenish gray

Shades of Green Color Names15

    1. Spanish Green- also called as Verde which means green in Spanish

Shades of Green Color Names16

    1. Sea Green- similar to sea floor

Shades of Green Color Names17

    1. Screamin Green-a unique shade of green

Shades of Green Color Names18

    1. Russian Green- a mixed shade of green

Shades of Green Color Names19

    1. Persian Green- This greenish shade finds its meaning in traditional poetries.

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