30 Splendid Traditional Art Examples

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Traditional art is the art which has been evolved from our culture and it has been produced using the manpower as its source and not the machinery. The art conveys the culture and the art of the maker, and all of it involves lots of human effort. However with modernization and industrialization, this art seemed to have faded away.

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  • This art is not affected with the modern things which are being done in the market or with the change in the academics.
  • It is not completely dependent on the professionals who sell of their work at high prices, but it is more about painters who paint just to earn their lives by painting the most common thing which you see in your daily life.
  • It is a medium of conveying the value of the individual or the society as a whole.
  • The craft uses the wood, cloth, wood paper or clay and many other different forms to produce the art.
  • This art is brought forward by different class of people, who may present to you the geographical or gender based art to you.

Process of Producing Traditional Arts

These arts are being originated from the communities, i.e. to the set of people which have something in common and this can be your values or religion or your thoughts. And the ideas of the community are being communicated to the various sections of the society in an artistic way by the way of traditional arts. These artists are not being trained with the form of arts they present to the people; however this form of art is being built in a person with their surroundings or with their values which they have been religiously following throughout their life. So this art cannot be earned with some professional classes but only from within, your personal character and thoughts is what you will create. The art is the mirror of your thoughts.

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Beauty of this art is, it will be all about the living forms which are present in your society and it can be a song, a dance any living person or any other inspiration in your life which means a lot to you and has imbibed the values of life in you. There is no set standards for the art, but the standards are being set by you by your community or by your religion itself.

World’s View on Traditional Art


  • It would not be wrong to say that World is all about arts, and this can be perfectly known from the various monuments which have been designed in the most artistic way ever seen by anybody. This form of arts conveys the values of the tradition, hence making most places in the world, a diehard practitioner of the Traditional Arts. There have been various traditional art examples which can be seen throughout the world.
  • Traditional Art of the world has been set up to preserve the traditional art form, as people are aware that it is worthy. They even try to keep a track of the artists whose work is not being documented as they may be left out of consideration due to some of the factors.
  • Any form of art from different parts of the world, is being preserved and it also encourages the artist to get their work preserved and this can be done by contacting the Regional Arts Partner.

World’s Traditional Art Examples

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  • Different civilizations set up in many parts of the world can be overviewed, if you really wish to look at perfect traditional art forms used by our ancestors. They had the trick to make some unleashing art forms that can be preserved naturally for millions of years. There are different monuments, caves, and other type of art forms that are preserved in nature even today.
  • Different civilization from the world like Indus Valley Civilization, Maya Civilization, and Harappa Civilization are the biggest example of traditional art forms and had too much to teach the professional artists.
  • The traditional art forms are different and unique as compared to modern art forms. These art forms can even be practiced in daily life.
  • You can find some of the best art forms of the world in India. These art forms had brought history near to us and to different people around the world.
  • Some of the monuments in different parts of have art engraved on them and this art form teaches you some or other thing.
  • These traditional art forms from different parts of the world are responsible to pass the country traditions from one generation to other. This art had been transferred to new generation by medium of body, inheritance, learning, and teachings.

Traditional Art Examples


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