Successful Ways to promote your Website: 12 ways

Successful Ways to promote your Website1.2

The website promotion activities are rising in number as the website owners had started realizing the importance of website promotion. These activities lead to higher ranking of the website and most importantly the higher number of visitors to the website. Website promotion had become the ultimate way of generating traffic to your website and hence the revenue. If you really wish to promote your website then here are some effective ways to do so.

Successful Ways to promote your Website1.1

Successful Ways to promote your Website

Maximize the blog design

Successful Ways to promote your Website1

Most of the people will be shocked to know that the design of website also plays an important role in promotion of the website. It is the website design that actually attracts the visitors.

  • Create social media buttons that links to your social profile
  • Place appropriate images on your website
  • Make your website easy to navigate and ensure that the visitor must not leave without commenting

Exchange links with other websites


When you try to link with other webmasters or website owners they may give you the favor by providing the link back to your website.

  • This increase your website rankings on search engine
  • The visitors may come to your website from the site you have exchanged the link from
  • You must promote your links on high PR websites

Promote your website with your other websites

Successful Ways to promote your Website3

You must include your website link in the author bio of other website on which you are the author. You can also include the links to your website in the online resume, social media accounts, as well as the internet profiles.

Guest Posting

Successful Ways to promote your Website4

Posting on others website to get free links inside the post is another helpful technique for your website promotion.

  • You can share your link inside the post to the relevant keyword
  • Be sure you write quality content as guest post on other’s website so that the content in not rejected

Brand the Promotional material with RSS and Blog

Successful Ways to promote your Website5

You must brand your promotional material like pamphlets, fliers, books, press releases, white papers etc with RSS details and your blog.

  • You should try to mention the news related to your website
  • In the promotional stuff, be sure to include the blog url

Submit your website to Key Directories

Successful Ways to promote your Website6

The directories are not search engine, but they are basically the place to list your website. Most of the directories provide your website a hierarchical listing. It is very beneficial for your site.

  • Submitting your site to the directories boost up your website rankings
  • There are number of free directories to submit your website
  • You can even choose the paid directories to submit your website to get higher ranking

Utilize the social media perfectly

Successful Ways to promote your Website7

Social media is one of the biggest platforms for promotion of your website. You should utilize the social media completely. Make use of social networking and social bookmarking website in order to utilize the power of social media.

  • Sharing your website content over social media will bring more and more visitors to your website
  • If someone likes your content he/she can also share your content on his/her profile. This in turn will bring more traffic to your site

Email newsletters

Successful Ways to promote your Website8

You can go for publishing the email newsletters. The email newsletters will help you out in sending the recent published post to the subscribers email. This will make sure that the subscriber had been notified with your recent post and there is every chance that he/she can open up your link and share on the social profile.


Successful Ways to promote your Website9

Creating videos on YouTube related to your website is also an important way of attracting visitors to your blog. The YouTube videos generally rank quickly as compared to other videos on your website.

  • Promote your website links through the YouTube video
  • YouTube videos are an effective way to rank your website higher

Facebook Ads

Successful Ways to promote your Website10

If you can pay a little then the Facebook ads are made for you. The Facebook ads help you in generating some good amount of traffic. But, it is costly and you need to pay some money in order to run these facebook ads. Facebook will be running your website advertisement over different user profiles to redirect the users to your site.

Start Affiliate Program

Successful Ways to promote your Website11

If your website is selling some services then you can run the affiliate program. Running the affiliate program will make other people share your services more. You just need to pay a little commission to the person selling your services in your behalf. If the payouts are good and regular, the person will try to make most of it and the branding of your website would be done effectively.

Purchase Advertisement Space

Successful Ways to promote your Website12

You can purchase the advertisement space from website getting high number of visitors and in this way to get direct some of that website traffic to your site.

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