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Best Glass Sculptures in the World1.2

25 Best Glass Sculptures in the World: Incredible Art!

25 Best Glass Sculptures in the World: Incredible Art!

Studio Glass is popularly known as glass sculpture is the technique to use glass in an artistic medium to produce the sculptures or the 3-D artworks.  These glass objects created using this technique are intended to make a decorative statement. If you want to purchase these sculptures then you need to loosen up your pockets

Whiteboard Art Examples1.2

Best 25 Breathtaking Whiteboard Art Examples: An Unique Art

Whiteboard Art has evolved in this scenario too in spite of the other options which are available around. A Whiteboard has emerged as an important tool which is used in presentations, training, classes and meetings to present the ideas. It helps in putting the ideas visually on the board which maintains the attention of the

Amazing 3D Street Art1.1

30+ Amazing 3D Street Art: Fascinating People for Millennia

The penchant for giving three-dimensionality to art has brought an especially enrapturing style of it that has been aesthetically spellbinding people over the ages. 3D street art is alternatively known as pavement, chalk or sidewalk art and is a form of anamorphic art. Sprawling over sidewalks, walls, and public spaces this form of art has been significantly mesmerizing