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Best Monochromatic Website Designs1.2

Top 30 Best Monochromatic Website Designs

Mono means single and chrome mean color. So, if we combine both the meanings then the actual meaning comes out to be ‘single color’.  There are many websites on internet that are using the monochromatic color palettes. The websites based on monochromatic color implies the single color website with a simple and responsive design in

Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers1.1

Top 20 Best Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers

The use of AJAX ob different websites had grown popular these days. Though AJAX is not made for every website or application, but user can still utilize AJAX on his/her website learning few tutorials. If you are in the field of web development then you will be glad to learn about these AJAX tutorials. Here

Graphic Design Websites for Inspiration (1)

Top 20 Stunning Graphic Design Websites for Inspiration

Graphic designing is one of the best emerging fields in which people are making their career to. Even there are many graphic designing websites that are constructed well and have really awesome design. In this article, you will find the best graphic design websites for inspiration. You would be amazed to see the most stunning