Tips to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress without Losing Traffic

Tips to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress1.2

Are you fiddling around to find out tips and tricks to migrate from blogger to WordPress without losing traffic? If you have an affirmative answer for this you have paused at the apt place. You might have been dismayed with the fact that migration might induce decline in traffic and SEO but there are certain amazing and easy tips and steps that will help you shun this problem. In blogger stage you are fortified with the advantage of avoiding the problems of hosting and buying but it also dawns the grave problem of regulating your files and content with regards to security. Website hacking has emerged a part of the present fad and trend and is a growing cyber-crime which might victimize your site too. Hence migration from blogger to WordPress has become pretty significant and vital. Here are some simple tips to migrate from blogger to WordPress without losing traffic. WordPress annexes vast features and eases all sorts of customization and is also an optimum choice from the point of view of SEO.

Tips to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress1.1

Tips to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress

Switching to WordPress from Blogger isn’t a cakewalk for all as bloggers find bloggers blog much easier and convenient to use. But if you fear the hacking of your sites and maintenance of its security WordPress would be a smarter pick. Check out these important tips and points that must be registered in your mind when you choose to switch to WordPress from Blogger.

Backup and Custom Domain

Tips to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress1

The first and foremost thing to remember when you plan to switch to WordPress you must keep a backup of your blog and all the other significant details attached with it. It is a major decision to switch so make sure to keep all your potentials backed up.

  • Some of your new posts may not appear in the same way. In that case you have to navigate through the old posts and edit them.
  • Besides, you should also have a custom domain or buy one from any domain registrar.


Tips to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress2

You must have your personal custom domain and if you do not possess so you need to buy the domain. After you have your own custom domain you can proceed to install WordPress. You can install it into your server by simply logging into cPanel of your server. After you have installed it successfully simply login into your WordPress. Click on the option ‘Import’ from the ‘Tools’ option.

  • A list of services gets opened before you. Select on the option ‘Blogger’ and import all the posts and comments from your Blogger to present WordPress seamlessly.
  • Activate plugin to run the importer and then click on ‘import’ button until the same button changes to ‘set authors’.

Shifting Images

Tips to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress3

The above procedure shall import all your comments and post from blogger to WordPress but it will not shift the images. The images need to be shifted and added to the server.

  • It is done manually one by one which is pretty time-consuming for bloggers with vast designs, wallpapers, arts and photography on their blogs.
  • This may decrease image traffic and hence think on it prior you continue this image shifting procedure.

Fixing Permalinks for Imported Posts

Tips to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress4

In order to ensure the same slugs and URLs you have to fix Permalinks for imported posts. A code is available that must be saved in notepad with the extension fix.php. Upload this file in your file manager via the hosting cPanel and edits your slugs seamlessly and effectively. Next you have to copy the code .htaccess and load the file in file manager.

  • This file eases the quick transfer of your feeds and feed users in the feed burner and other visitors of your site.
  • These codes are available in internet search engines.

Make your blogger blog unsearchable

Tips to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress5

After the completion of the above procedures switch back to your BlogSpot default domain in the settings your blogger blog. Also make your blogger blog unsearchable in the Google. If you do not do this there are high chances that the URLs of your BlogSpot will get indexed in Google with the new custom domain URLs.

  • This will spoil the SEO ranking of your site and also give a wrong impression of duplicate content.
  • Google may also penalize your site so deleting the posts or the complete blog is advisable.

The Must-Salient Tips


You should get your web hosting. There are plenty of web hosting companies that charge you some amount. You can pay for 1 month and choose your hosting plan. This shall also lessen your burden if you choose the web hosting plan for one month. In order to reduce the broken links you wish to have the same structure of your permalink.

  • For this purpose go to the settings option in your WordPress account and click on the custom structure type your permalink structure and migrate from Blogger.
  • If you concerned about your page rank then follow the above step to keep it safe from giving wrong notions and signals to Google about your site whose contents might be treated duplicate as they shall be found in WordPress too.

Why should you take this Switch

Tips to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress7

It is pretty obvious that you wish to switch from Blogger to WordPress as you have navigated on this article. There are plenty of reasons why someone wants to switch from Blogger to WordPress. The prime notion is ease the functionality and have a potential income from your self-hosted WordPress. It shows a rapid ascend in all your tasks and makes it more potential.

  • The switch might invade some fear owing to the missing of some posts or comments but nothing would be drastic. A steady backup can help you recover this too. It also enhances your page rank if you follow all the above tips effectively.
  • Experiences from people have unveiled panache in the idea of switching from Blogger to WordPress. They have got into a better platform which has not only eased their work and increased their page rank but it has dawn a steady mount of almost everything.
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