Top Ten Programming Languages to Learn for sure

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The technology is booming worldwide and is making way for new devices and platforms every day. The programming had taken technology to new level. There are large numbers of programming jobs worldwide and most of these jobs are paying high. These programming languages also have a great impact on your resume. If you know these programming languages well then you are surely to get shortlisted in a job interview. Even if you have attained a good knowledge of any one programming language, you are ready to compete with others who do not have its knowledge or have a little knowledge.

Top Ten Programming Languages1.2

The requirement of these languages may vary with the employment sector. The financial and enterprise system perform the complicated tasks in the company. These systems require a higher level of expert programming. These programs can be designed in different languages, but it is up to the company that what language it chooses to design a system. Based on this, it hires the programmers. Some of the best programming languages to learn are listed below. These are as follows:

Best Programming Languages to Learn


Top Ten Programming Languages1

It is the class based and object oriented programming language that is developed by Sun Microsystems in early 1990s.

  • JAVA is one of the most demanding programming languages
  • It is the standard for enterprise based software, games, mobile apps, contents and even for the Android OS
  • JAVA is platform independent and can run on multiple platforms.
  • A program written on JAVA for MAC OS can easily run on Windows OS


Top Ten Programming Languages2

This is the client based server side scripting language that is developed by Netscape. It drives much of its syntax from C language.

  • This can be used across different web browsers and also used to create animated and interactive web functions
  • It is also used for writing desktop application and is also used for game development
  • The interpreters for JavaScript are embedded on Apple’s Safari Extensions and even on Google Chrome’s Extension

Visual Basic

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It is the multi-paradigm language that is developed by Microsoft for Windows platform. It is a type of interpreted language and had been evolving from the years. It is a great language that supports scripting of Windows applications that does not need power of speed.


Top Ten Programming Languages4

It is the higher level server side scripting language that is developed for the mobile apps and websites. This is the simple language for the beginners because of its compact syntax and readability.

  • You just need fewer lines of the code to make a complete program
  • It powers web applications like Pinterest, Rdio, and Instagram

C Language

Top Ten Programming Languages5

This is the general purpose programming language that was developed in early 70s and is among one of the oldest one.

  • It is one of the most widely used language that is even taught at school levels
  • It also provides the building blocks for languages like JAVA, C#, Python, C++, JavaScript etc.
  • It is also used for implementing the OS and embedded applications


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This is a free server side scripting language that is created for the app development and dynamic websites.

  • You can embed it directly to the HTML document source rather than implementing it in an external file
  • It is the popular language among web developers
  • PHP had powered more than 200 million websites


Top Ten Programming Languages7

ASP.Net is open source server side language that is designed for web development and produces the dynamic pages over web. This language is designed by Microsoft to allow programmers for creating dynamic web apps and websites.

  • It was first released in year 2002
  • It is the modern and popular web framework
  • It makes the use of open source .NET compiler platform


Top Ten Programming Languages8

It is the dynamic object oriented scripting language that is used for developing the websites and the mobile applications.

  • This is used in Github, Shopify, Groupon, and Scribd
  • This is the most user friendly language for the beginners


Top Ten Programming Languages9

This is the intermediate level language that is also taught at school levels. It comes with features like object oriented programming. This was initially designed to enhance the power of C language

  • It had powered some software like Winamp, Firefox, and Adobe Program
  • This application is used to develop the system software, high performing servers, client applications, application software, and even the video games


Top Ten Programming Languages10

C# is the object oriented and compiled language that is written by Microsoft. It has an open specification and is rarely seen on Windows platform. It is a similar language to JAVA in nature and even in syntax. This language is widely used to develop the software for Windows and Microsoft platform.

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