Top 15 Websites to get Free Stock Photos

Websites to get Free Stock Photos1.1

Sometimes finding the photos online free from any copyright issue becomes extremely difficult. Especially, people having no knowledge about Photoshop or any other professional image creating tool suffers a lot. But this problem can be solved by many website online. These are the websites to get free stock photos. If you are searching for the photos for your blog or articles free from copyrights issues then here is the list of few website:

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Websites to get Free Stock Photos


Websites to get Free Stock Photos1

This website is completely free. It contains more than 350,000 images that are contributed by more than 30000 photographers. This website was founded in year 2001 and it is a Hungarian website.

  • You can find large number of photos for your article or blog
  • You can get the photos from different niches
  • It is the best source of images for web designer and developers and even for print designers

Freerange Stock

Websites to get Free Stock Photos2

The website aims at providing the best free stock photographs for commercial as well as non commercial use to the people searching for them.

  • Small team of few in-house photographers supplies the images to this website
  • The keyword is tagged by the photographer to the photograph on upload
  • You will find the quality HD images here

RGB Stock

Websites to get Free Stock Photos3

You can get the latest and quality images for free from this website. You can also find free graphics, backgrounds, and wallpapers for commercial and personal use.


Websites to get Free Stock Photos4

This website was started in 1996 and is designed for the creatives. This website is highly recommended by many professional designers and developers.

  • It had more than 10000 pages having 24 photos in each page
  • 5 to 15 tags are tagged in every photo to minimize your search
  • Most of the images here are of fine quality


Websites to get Free Stock Photos5

This is basically a photo library containing thousands of images in its archives. You can easily find free stock images, fonts, and vectors here. It is a community for creative people.

Pixel Perfect Digital

Websites to get Free Stock Photos6

This website provides you polished stick images and specially the illustrations. All the photos here are processed by the professionals.

  • This website has more than 10000 images now
  • Every photo contains a short story that seems quite interesting
  • This website is designed for print designers and web designers too

Free Media Goo

Websites to get Free Stock Photos7

This is one of the most memorable names when it comes to photographs. It is basically a search engine created by the developers for the web developers over the world.

  • You can also find free flash photos and some audio files too
  • You can also get some free textures from here


Websites to get Free Stock Photos8

This website offers you some creative images for free and you can even find free videos, illustrations, vectors, fonts and much more stuff here.

Websites to get Free Stock Photos9

This website has been collecting the photos since year 1998 and has contributors all over the world. his is a kind of photoblog website.

  • You can modify your search for images with simple keywords
  • Many photos are tagged with just a single keyword on this website


Websites to get Free Stock Photos10

This is one of the creative resources for all designers worldwide that provide you with a nice collection of stock photography, fonts, illustrations, and much more.


Websites to get Free Stock Photos11

It is one of the most popular websites when it comes to stock photos and is among the largest photo sharing websites.

  • This website is the blend of photos from amateur as well as professional photographers
  • It is purchased by
  • You can find any image based on your search here easily


Websites to get Free Stock Photos12

This is a food stock photography website that might surprise you with superior quality of its photographs and was started as a personal site in year 2001 by Bjorgvin.

  • This website house more than 20000 photos from over 4200 photographers
  • It has a good UI when user are browsing through stock photos
  • You can download clip arts, pictures, logos etc


Websites to get Free Stock Photos13

This is an image site that contains the photos related to space theme and all the photos are highly professional.

  • The resolution of each and every photo is as good as 640 x 480 pixels
  • The size of the photos can be improved by by you using software tools


Websites to get Free Stock Photos14

It is another popular website that have a nice collection of traditional and digital photos by different artists.

  • It is a big website when it comes to stock photographs and photography ideas
  • The images are just awesome
  • You can download any image without registering on this site


Websites to get Free Stock Photos15

This is one of the quickest website to search from wide range of photos for your use. It is a photo library. It contains more than 15000000 photos with collection of illustrations, stick videos, and clip art.

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