Top 20 WordPress Image Zoom Plugins: Free and Premium

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WordPress is one of the most famous and leading content management system in web development. Almost everyday numbers of WordPress plugins are created by developers to enhance the usability and functionality of websites. WordPress image zoom plugins can be really useful in making your site more interactive. Image zoom plugins enhance your web page and blogs that enables you to attract more users to your site. WordPress Image Zoom plugins are more useful when you want your visitors to have a better view of the details. These image zoom plugins are extremely effective in their usage and function, to fulfil your purpose in a simple and functional manner.

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins1.1

There are some selected WordPress Image Zoom plugins that will assist you in creating the most stunning, elegant, neat, crisp and clean websites with great effects on zooming of images.

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins


WordPress Image Zoom Plugins1

It is a versatile, time saving jQuery Product Image Zoom plugin. This plugin has been well designed, and packed with some unique features.

  • This plugin offers a great way to display Photos and collections of Images with Zoom.
  • This is well suited to display Product Images on ecommerce sites.

Image Zoom

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins2

This plugin is amazing and free to use WordPress image zoom plugin, when clicked on images, the image will dynamically scale-up.


WordPress Image Zoom Plugins3

It is another best WordPress image zoom plugins, this is a jQuery plugin to help you zoom-in or zoom-out by using the mouse wheel.

  • Zoom with blur, greyscale, transparent hover effects.
  • Easy to zoom range and has flexible options.

jQuery Giga Image Viewer

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins4

This displays very large images without loading the whole image. This loads only needed fragment of the big image divided into small pieces.

Product Image Cloud Zoom

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins5

This Product Image Cloud Zoom plugin will let visitors view the product in a much clearer way.

  • This plugin will make your e-Commerce store user friendly.
  • This plugin is adaptable with advanced WordPress versions and all modern browsers.


WordPress Image Zoom Plugins6

Zoombie is another lightweight plugin that can be used by the developers to give their images a highly interactive zoom effects.

Multiple Images per Variation for Woo-Commerce

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins7

This plugin will let users assign zooming effect to some particular Woo-Commerce products.

  • With this plugin user can manage images and easily add or remove the images on the website.
  • Multiple Images per variation plugin has dragged and drop functionality.


WordPress Image Zoom Plugins8

HoverEx is a jQuery plugin. This plugin features image hover animations, with over 36 animations and 18 hover animation templates.

Nextend Image Magnifier

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins9

Nextend Image Magnifier helps user can publish high resolution images in blog posts and pages with cool magnifying glass effect.

  • This plugin comes with fancy skins and effects.
  •  This is IOS and Android ready with a number of useful features.

jQuery Mega Image Viewer

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins10

This is a modern plugin for image zoom effect, with this plugin user can control the position and zoom of the object displayed inside the viewport.

Image Zoom Navigation

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins11

Image Zoom Navigation is the easy to use WordPress image zoom plugins.

  • This is easy to install and ready to use in five minutes.
  • This is a user friendly admin interface and has responsive design and touch support.


WordPress Image Zoom Plugins12

This is ready to use jQuery image zooming plugin to present your images in the highest detail without leaving the page.

Fine Zoom

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins13

Fine Zoom plugin can zoom images with different zoom of levels with smooth effects.

  • Drag and pan are done with a smooth effect.
  • With this plugin you can zoom in and out images just like Google Maps Zoom.

Sabines Zoom Gallery

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins14

Sabines Zoom Gallery plugin gives nice zooming effect for your all images placed within a gallery.

Image Hover View WooCommerce

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins15

This plugin will help visitors to view the products in a precise manner.

  • All the images placed on the website can be listed in an image category.
  • This plugin is compatible on IE8+, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Super Zoom Gallery

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins16

This plugin helps to show images in a striking way.

  • This is a jQuery powered plugin and it will work well for eCommerce.
  • It is an easy to use plugin for web shops.


WordPress Image Zoom Plugins17

This plugin is from Wisdmlabs. This plugin will let your visitors to zoom into the various products and images placed on the store.

Responsive Zoom in/out slider

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins18

With this plugin user can add smooth zoom in and out effect for all images uploaded to the website.

  • The plugin is available in four unique versions.
  • Users can pick anyone version for their WordPress website.

NextGen Gallery

WordPress Image Zoom Plugins19

With this plugin user can adjust photos and images by adding that extra bit of effect to make your web page even more attractive and comprehensive.

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